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Diem 5.0 BETA3 released

This release is the result of a community frenetic work. The code is stable (passing all tests), nearly feature-complete (we still accept some new features for the final release), and needs to be tested in live applications.

What's new?

Javascript speedup

jQuery 1.4 is just released and Diem 5.0 BETA3 already packages it. It brings amazing performance improvements to admin and front edition interfaces.
Diem now uses jQuery UI 1.8 ALPHA2 instead of 1.7, bringing user interface to its best.

More tests, less bugs

The test frenzy is not over: 900 unit and functional tests were added since BETA2.
Many bugs were detected and fixed, and each of them got some regression tests.
Hudson works day and night to ensure each SVN commit is safe.

Improved services

Thanks to the service architecture and dependency injection container, Diem components are decoupled and can evolve separately. For BETA3, the following services got some love:

  • xml_sitemap_generator now generate one file per culture, plus an index as recommended by http://sitemaps.org/
  • front_pager_view has been refactored and propose nice options like "ajax"... see the widget list pager documentation
  • menu has been improved and is declined in sitemap_menu
  • browser_detection has been extracted from browser and is more accurate and even faster than before


Documentation has been improved with List widgets, Exclude files from JS minification and Customize the breadcrumb.


The long-waited dmCkEditorPlugin is available.
dmWidgetGalleryPlugin and dmFlowPlayerPlugin have been updated to benefits from the enhancements brought to widget Ajax edition. If you use them, please grab the latest version from SVN.

Get it while it's hot

Happy Dieming, and please continue to ask questions and report bugs!

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  • annisJanuary 19, 2010 10:26 PM

    Simply amazing. Congrats for the team! Cheers, Daniel

  • Loban RahmanJanuary 20, 2010 9:55 AM

    I'm blown away by each release. Keep it up!

  • VladFebruary 5, 2010 3:07 AM


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