What's Diem ?

Diem is a content management framework (CMF) for PHP projects.

A CMF could be placed between the framework and the CMS.

As a framework,

Diem is flexible. There is no preinstalled stuff ( blog, comments... ) : the project starts empty. The developer creates its own modules by declaring them in configuration files. Then Diem generates a code which is 100% specific to the site's needs.

As a CMS,

Diem packages many site-independant features in a clean user interface. Most of the common problems a web developer has to face up ( bread crumbs, SEO, admin generation, search engine... ) are made easy.

Diem is, and will always be, entirely free and published under the MIT license.


Diem has been used for 2 years in a french agency to build dozens of professional websites.

Diem started in late 2007 as a fork of sfSimpleCMS, a state of the art symfony CMS.

  • Diem 1.x is an evolution of sfSimpleCMS, based on symfony 1.0.x & Propel 1.2
  • Diem 2.x adds i18n features to the core, making it non backward compatible
  • Diem 3.x is a nearly complete rewrite, and adds many cool features
  • Diem 4.x is a complete rewrite for symfony 1.1.x & Propel 1.3
  • Diem 4.5.x is very stable, and is used for lots of big professional projects
  • Diem 5.x is a complete rewrite for symfony 1.3/1.4 & Doctrine 1.2. It is the beginning of an open source life

In August 2009, the lead developer started to work on the 5th version, based on the symfony 1.3/1.4 branch. This new version is designed to have an opensource life.
Older versions could not be released as opensource because the dev team introduced some french words into the code... and provided very few documentation.
These issues are now fixed.


Diem is no more than a glue between the more exciting web libraries.

All the PHP5 codebase is heavily inspired by symfony core code.
The user component were rewroten on october 2009, to make it simple as the Sympal one.


Diem is based on 4 great open source projects:


Additionaly, Diem bundles and extends some open source PHP libraries:

jQuery plugins

Many jQuery plugins are used to improved the webmaster experience:

  • markItUp
  • jsTree
  • form
  • hotKeys
  • blockUI
  • cookie
  • ajaxQueue
  • fieldSelection
  • metadata


Most of the icons come from pinvoke, which make an awesome work.


As for now, Thibault Duplessis is the lead developer, doc writer and site manager.

Special thanks to:

  • Matthieu Beurel for its help on admin generator builder and admin code editor
  • Yann Lechevallier for bug reporting and brillant suggestions
  • St├ęphane Girault for documentation contributions and ruthless testing
  • Intuiti web marketting which uses Diem since two years. Its hard exigences made it become better and better.

And of course, all developers and contributors to Symfony, Doctrine, Zend Framework and jQuery.

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