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Diem 5.0 BETA4 released

Hi dear Diem users,

We're really happy to bring you this fourth BETA release.
It makes Diem faster and more stable than ever.

Now translated in seven languages

This week, two complete translations were added by the community!
Big thanks go out to Vasiliy Ivanov for the Russian and to Bojan Jankuloski for the Macedonian translation.

Faster front editing

A new asynchronous asset loading system has been developed.
Front editing uses lots of cool JavaScript to make page editing fast and fun. Now they get loaded only when necessary, making page loading faster than ever.
Page, widget, zone and code editor dialogs already use this new feature.
Also, jQuery UI was upgraded to 1.8b1, which proves to be very stable.

Google Chrome support

Diem editing features can now be used with Firefox or Google Chrome.
Next step: make it available for Safari.


The dmWidgetTwitterPlugin has been released. It allows to display tweets from a user or from a search query in your site. All you have to do is drag&drop, as usual.

The dmWidgetFeedReaderPlugin has been released. It displays feed items from a url, and works the same way.

These plugins are well documented and fully extensible.

Additionally, all widget based plugins have been updated to use the new asynchronous asset loading system, and you should consider to upgrade them.

Internal changes

Log services

On the admin homepage you can see logs updated in real-time.
They show the users browsing your site, and report notable events like page creation.
Behind them are the request_log and event_log services. For this release they were rewritten to be faster and more stable. Also, the log format has been changed to make log files lighter.


Transliteration is the practice of converting a text from one writing system into another in a systematic way.
Now Diem transliteration is culture aware and can handle different alphabets.

Bug fixes

Thanks to the rich community feedback, lots of bugs has been fixed.

Code cleaning

An intense internal refactoring and cleaning was performed to keep the Diem codebase as light and clean as possible. Some unused classes and methods were removed. The law of demeter was applied whenever possible in Diem's internal services.

As this release is compatible with Diem 5.0 BETA3, upgrading is highly recommended to get the best Diem has to offer!

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