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Migration to Git

The migration to Git and GitHub is done.
Thanks to everyone who contributed to make it possible, especially Vincent Jousse and Marco Barberis.

As explained some time ago in symfony blog, Git is a a distributed revision control system that eases contribution. It's already used by jQuery and Symfony 2.


Diem official repository is now http://github.com/diem-project/diem.
To fetch it the first time, clone it, then update its submodules:

git clone git://github.com/diem-project/diem.git    
cd diem    
git submodule init    
git submodule update    

Then, later, to update it:

cd diem  
git pull  
git submodule update  

Be aware that the Diem SVN repository is no more updated.


All plugins have been moved to GitHub. You can access plugins repos on the plugin pages.


We now use the excellent and very user friendly GitHub issues system. It's way more easy and fast to report bugs and request features than with the good old symfony trac.


Git makes contributing damn easy. Just hack your local Diem repo, then send a pull request on Diem GitHub page.

Having Diem on GitHub is a very good thing.
Come on, we're waiting for your issues and contributions!

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