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BETA2 is ready

Hi folks!

Here is the second BETA release for Diem 5.0.


The main words here are tests and stability. Diem is now controlled by a continuous integration server which run all 1800 tests each day. Its little name is Hudson, I'll present him to you soon.
Run these tests from your project:

php ../diem/prove  

Diem unit tests

As requested by the community, the excellent sfSympalMenu was ported to Diem.
Check out what the new Diem Menu service can do for you, and build a complete sitemap menu in two lines of code.

Improvements and bug fixes

I'd like to thank the community. You reported (and sometimes even fixed) tons of bugs, making this release more stable than ever.
The Diem plugin system was improved, making even easier to you to create your Diem plugins.
As planed, the loremizer service has been refactored and packaged as services.
And much more: Windows support improved, admin interface enhancements, ORM performance boost, better support of APC...

Keep up the good work and together we are going to bring to professional symfony users a powerfull and stable open source CMS!

Download Diem 5.0 BETA2
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