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Diem 5.0

Diem first Open Source release

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This section contains precise showcases, with concrete examples.
Get this website source code and study it!

A fun, easy and complete tutorial

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This step by step tutorial is the best way to get started.
You will learn how to build a full-featured website in few time, step by step.

Reference Book

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This is the main documentation for Diem.
It covers all aspects of site creation, from the installation to the more advanced customization tips.
Some symfony knowledge is recommended.

The documentation is hosted on GitHub. Feel free to submit issues and patches!

What's new ?

Compared to the previous 4.5.x serie,

  • 100% of the codebase has been rewriten
  • Symfony has been upgraded from 1.1 to 1.4
  • Propel 1.3 has been replaced by Doctrine 1.2
  • jQuery UI has been upgraded to 1.8
  • New look for admin and front editing
  • Dedicated user plugin, simpler, without profile class
  • Global performance boost
  • More functional and unit tests
  • Access to Google Analytics data ( with builtin charts )
  • Faster and better automatic search engine
  • Safer database migrations
  • Ability to drag&drop zones & widgets everywhere in the page
  • Stylesheets, templates and components are available in the front code editor
  • Internal logs added for events and requests
  • Much better extensibility thanks to the Dependency Injection Container
  • Added many events
  • Faster and more efficient stylesheet and javascript compression
  • Configuration panel
  • HTML5 support

And many other cool features like database & dependence graphs, admin module automatic search, sort on foreign columns, javascript CDN...

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