Usable administration

Diem generate for you ready to use, configurable and usable admin interfaces.

Inline edition

Create a page without writing a line of code. Update content directly on context.

High performance websites

Use symfony cache, and APC if available.
Automatically combine and compress your CSS and JS.

Automatic search engine

Using Zend_Search_Lucene, Diem automatically indexes all the site's pages.
Just add a search widget on your site, write some CSS, and you're done.

Security by default

Security is managed by symfony :

  • users, permissions and groups
  • sha1 encrypted passwords
  • applications, modules, actions and pages can be secured
  • proved to be simple and efficient

Efficient SEO

Diem SEO on page edition

The SEO team works in a clean interface, directly on the page, or using automation patterns.

Media library

Manage files in admin. Drag&Drop them to your content in the front.

Developer tools

Project browser, code editors, and even an ajax Unix console ! Some interface designers don't use no more IDE...

Flexible, extensible

Diem components are decoupled and managed by the Symfony Dependency Injection Container.
This way the developer can easily replace and extend each of them.
The Event Dispatcher ensures the components communications.
See available Diem plugins

Documentation and support

All you need to know is in the reference Book.
A set of easy tutorials will help you getting started.
A fast support is provided on google group and #diem IRC channel.

And much more

This list is a work in progress

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