Sites powered by Diem

Diem originates from a french web agency to build dozens of professional websites since over 3 years. Ever since Diem became an Open Source project, hundreds of new websites are using it all over the world.

The list of these websites is growing every day. Here you'll find only a small selection of projects currently using Diem.. The Diem website itself obviously runs on Diem ;-) version 5.1

You can add your own Diem powered website] using the form below. After our review we'll put your project here in the list!

  • Diem Chess

    Diem Chess

    Online Chess game. Play with a distant friend or against an aggressive AI. Open source code available as the dmChessPlugin.

    Diem 5.1

  • Artspire


    Collectif d'artistes de Meuse et Meurthe et Moselle

    Diem 5.1

  • Blanc Cerf

    Blanc Cerf : Chasse photographique

    Chasse photographique.
    Hundred of classified, sorted, tagged and commented photos.

    Diem 5.1

  • Bazinga


    Agence spécialisée dans la création et dans le développement web et mobile.

    Diem 5.1

  • Rise France

    Rise France

    Complex corporate website with an extranet.

    Diem 4.5.327

  • Détours et saveurs

    Détours et saveurs

    Big ecommerce web site with tricky special features.

    Diem 4.5.328

  • Atout Linguistique

    Atout Linguistique

    Complex e-commerce website. Allows to customize travels.

    Diem 4.5.318

  • Thalasso de Carnac

    Thalasso de Carnac

    Corporate & e-commerce website with inline booking

    Diem 4.5.320

  • Les Trois Couronnes

    Les Trois Couronnes

    Research in didactique de l'information documentation & mythologie.

    Diem 4.5.324

  • Ecosys


    E-commerce website. Customizable special package: Ecosys Box®.

    Diem 3.x

  • Valpiform


    Full-featured e-commerce website.

    Diem 4.5.325

  • VM Matériaux

    VM Matériaux

    Huge corporate website

    Diem 4.1.x

  • Solabaie


    Corporate website using lots of medias: video, mp3, gmaps.

    Diem 4.5.321

  • Bernard Solfin

    Bernard Solfin

    Complete e-commerce website with tons of features.

    Shares its database with subsites like

    Diem 4.5.319

  • Couvertures Lopez

    Couvertures Lopez

    Corporate website done in few days ;)

    Diem 4.5.320

  • Idées de chèvre

    Idées de chèvre

    Marketing website with powerful search engine and a flash+amf game.

    Diem 4.5.317

  • Soignon


    Corporate website

    Diem 4.5.317

And more...

Many other great websites were built using different versions of Diem.
If you want to add a new one, please use the form below to enter your project's details. We'll review your submission and add it as soon as possible...

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