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Diem 5.1

Like Diem 5.0, but better

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Get contextual help

This section contains precise showcases, with concrete examples.
Get this website source code and study it!

A fun, easy and complete tutorial

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This step by step tutorial is the best way to get started.
You will learn how to build a full-featured website in few time, step by step.

Reference Book

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This is the main documentation for Diem.
It covers all aspects of site creation, from the installation to the more advanced customization tips.
Some symfony knowledge is recommended.

The documentation is hosted on GitHub. Feel free to submit issues and patches!

The 5.1 release is an evolution of Diem 5.0. Upgrade is NOT automatic, but it's easy thanks to this upgrade guide.

Upgrade from 5.0 to 5.1

Diem 5.1 is NOT compatible with Diem 5.0.
Here are the main changes and steps to upgrade your projects.

Run doctrine migrations

php symfony doctrine:generate-migrations-diff
php symfony doctrine:migrate

Update the project

php symfony dm:setup

This task will upgrade your project as much as possible to work with Diem 5.1.

Upgrade the layout

With Diem 5.1 the layout can have more than top, left, right and bottom areas.
You can use whatever area name, and as many areas you want to.
The same way, each page as now many areas instead of only "content".
See the new default layout file: dmFrontPlugin/modules/dmFront/templates/pageSuccess.php

Upgrade your base form filter class

Verify your abstract class BaseFormFilterDoctrine extends dmFormFilterDoctrine
in lib/filter/doctrine/BaseFormFilterDoctrine.class.php

Update front form create

The front form manager does not create forms automatically anymore.

// Diem 5.0
$form = $this->forms['Contact'];  
// Diem 5.1  
$form = $this->forms['Contact'] = new ContactForm();  
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