• Diem moving to new server

    Diem will move to new server during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday.

  • Our bugtracker just got promoted!

    Diem's Redmine bugtracker turned into a full community platform: bugs, forum, wiki, ... are now all @ community.diem-project.org

  • New bugtracker live

    Diem is now using Redmine as favorite bug-tracker

  • Diem is hiring!

    Things to do and things to consider.. Diem is changing its core developers! You think you have what it takes? Apply now and join our team..

  • Diem just turned into a GitHub organisation..

    Diem's account on GitHub just turned into an organisation..

  • Diem experts online

    Commercial support for Diem CMS

  • Verify that your website is crawlable

    Important note about search engine optimization

  • Diem 5.1 released

    Next version of Diem now available

  • Documentation has moved to GitHub

    Git is the way to go.

  • Diem 5.0 stable released


  • Diem 5.0 RC5 released

    What if it was the last release candidate?

  • Diem 5.0 RC4 released

    This version fixes issues found in RC3

  • Diem 5.0 RC3 released

    Improved stability, performance and translation

  • One fun, easy and complete Diem tutorial

    Let's learn Diem step by step with Diem Ipsum

  • Diem 5.0 RC2 released

    Many issues closed in few time!

  • Diem 5.0 Release Candidate

    Feature complete, heavily tested, Diem 5.0-RC1 is here!

  • Migration to Git

    a smart move

  • Diem 5.0 BETA5 released

    Community Driven Development

  • Diem 5.0 BETA4 released

    More translations, improved performance and stability

  • Online demo available

    Try it before install it!

  • Diem 5.0 BETA3 released

    Hot off the presses: Diem 5.0 BETA3 is released!

  • Continuous integration

    Tests are great, automated tests are better

  • BETA2 is ready

    Things are getting serious!

  • Diem plays Chess

    And it plays way better than me

  • Out now: BETA1!

    This release is packed to the rafters with new stuff

  • New Diem Core team member IV

    Matthieu Bontemps joins the Diem Core Team!

  • New Diem Core team member III

    Marco Barberis joins the Diem Core team!

  • Now available in 5 languages

    You're invited to contribute your own!

  • New Diem Core team member II

    Benjamin Rösch joins the Diem Core team!

  • New plugin: dmAlternativeHelperPlugin

    Don't have that pound sign on your keyboard? Fret not, help's already here!

  • New Diem Core team member

    Daniel Lohse joins the Diem Core team!

  • Diem 5.0 ALPHA7

    Now with built-in versioning, Spanish translations and even more unit tests

  • Diem 5.0 ALPHA6

    The purpose of an ALPHA stage is to make huge improvements possible. Even if it requires to break compatibility.

  • Diem 5.0 ALPHA5

    Tons of bugfixes. 100% compatible.

  • Diem plugins are here!

    Diem plugins are just symfony plugins

  • Diem 5.0 ALPHA4

    This one comes with many good news

  • Diem 5.0 ALPHA3

    The third alpha release of Diem 5.0 is here

  • Second Alpha release

    Many bug fixes, 100% compatible

  • First Alpha release for Diem 5.0

    So many bugs fixed thanks to early adopters

  • Diem goes open source!

    After two years of frenetic developments, Diem is finally ready to start an open source life.

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