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Open source projects

Diem projects with open source code, for study purpose

Download these Diem projects, explore the way they are done. It may answer lots of questions.

Diem project
This website itself is Open Source!
See the code on GitHub

Diem Talk
This minimalist website uses dmTalkPlugin to provide an online web chat.
See the code on GitHub

APE Petition

[not online yet]
Ambitious project of social petitions for a french association.
See the code on GitHub


[not online yet]
Photo gallery website.
See the code on GitHub

Questions and Feedback

If you need support or have a technical question, you can

  • Get help with the Google Group
  • Get help with the Forum
  • Come and chat on the #diem IRC channel on freenode

The documentation is hosted on GitHub. Feel free to submit issues and patches!

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