Diem 5.0.0_BETA2

Adds new features, and improves stability

Version notes

January 6, 2010


  • new menu service
  • much more tests ( now 1900 tests )
  • better Windows support
  • better plugins support and generation
  • refactored loremizer services
  • many bug fixes

View the changeset on symfony trac


This new version is even more stable, and upgrading your projects is highly recommended.
As the database schema has been modified, you shall run doctrine migrations:

php symfony doctrine:generate-migrations-diff  
php symfony doctrine:migrate  

Before running dm:setup

php symfony dm:setup  


View the changelog on symfony trac

  • made admin links more robust when given a bad source
  • fixed database dsn generation
  • fixed sqlite dsn generation for windows servers
  • fixed test project for windows servers
  • fixed installer for windows servers
  • fixed test project configuration file
  • enhanced diem plugins creation
  • fixed config files order
  • added unit tests
  • improved admin generator
  • removed deprecated tasks
  • added a test plugin in the test project
  • removed direct_actions cache
  • made sortable previous and next utilities recognize record activation
  • fixed sortable behavior for activable records and added unit tests
  • fixed bug on admin module generation task
  • removed migration detection from dmSetupTask as it loads the model before they get updated, so the created form are not updated properly
  • renamed instal.php to install
  • fixed front link tag for static download links
  • added Diem infos in config web debug panel
  • updated unit tests, and made the test project more complex
  • added search engine inner documentation about cron updates
  • updated french translations
  • improved search engine event logging
  • improved test project
  • added inner admin documentation about sitemap updates with cron
  • created dmSitemapUpdateTask
  • updated french translations
  • updated svn:ignore on test project
  • added seo synchronization tests
  • added DmAutoSeoTable->findOneByModuleAndAction method
  • refactored loremizer services: now way better, faster and safer - closes #7913
  • added 400 unit tests
  • disabled jquery cdn by default
  • improved dmModuleManagerConfigHandler performances
  • removed dmDoctrineRecord static dependencies
  • fixed bugs and improved performances in dmDoctrineRecord
  • fixed bug in javascript configuration
  • fixed tricky bug when uploading with ajax, and getting an embedded json response
  • fixed bug in DmAutoSeoTable
    fixed bug in synchronization threads
  • added shortcut methods in all action and components according to the Law of Demeter
  • made dmMicroCache cache attribute protected instead of private
  • fixed warning in dmInlineAssetConfigHandler
  • added dmContext->filterTemplateParameters method to add a dm_page variable in all templates
  • updated italian translation up to r25868
  • added the dmAdminHomepageManager service
  • added dm.admin_homepage.filter_windows event
  • made dmMicroCache->clearCache method public
  • fixed bug in HTML5 detection in dmFrontBasePageHelper
  • added sfWebBrowserPlugin in svn:externals
  • modified module manager config handler to add the "front" option, which allow to disable front module generation
  • fixed warning on dmRequestLogEntry when called from CLI
  • removed $this->useFields instruction in DmUserAdminForm to allow to extend it
  • fixed dependencies in some models
  • added options to admin foreign relation partial
  • made APC cache driver more robust
  • fixed bug on front edition javascript
  • added droppable-active class on droppable zone containers when dragging a zone
  • clean default main.css
  • made dmValidatorUrlLink accept simple anchor links
  • made some changes to prevent bugs when using several projects with same directory name on the same server
  • added dmProject::getHash() and dmProject::getNormalizedRootDir methods
  • made Diem loggers extend dmConfigurable
  • Fixed bug in media panel when session stored folder id does not exist anymore
  • made dmHelper->£() accept empty elements ( unit tests updated )
  • removed symfony notice on thumbnail creation
  • prepared test project for continuous integration
  • added dmProjectAncestorRecord unit test file
  • added droppable-active class on .dm_widgets when a widget is being dragged around
  • moved dmCorePlugin/lib/plugins to dmCorePlugin/plugins
  • moved dmUserPlugin to dmCorePlugin/dmUserPlugin
  • fixed config path order
  • updated dmAlternativeHelper test suite
  • improved application configuration Diem plugin loading system
  • added svn:externals to plugins dir
  • added export project script
  • fixed dmUserPlugin paths
  • added sfCsvWriter class
  • fixed form translations and added unit tests
  • fixed warning in dmI18nTest
  • added dmFlowPlayerPlugin unit tests to the test project
  • added credentials to pages
  • added dmFrontActions->secure method
  • added dmConfigurable->getOrSetOption method
  • moved page logic from DmFrontPageHelper? to DmPage?->isSource & DmPage?->isChildOfSource
  • replaced ->set() with ->setOption in tag classes
  • improved performance on dmString->transliterate
  • removed deprecated install.php (replaced with install)
  • improved dmMenu
  • removed deprecated class dmHtmlMenu
  • added admin_menu, front_add_menu and front_code_editor_file_menu services
  • replaced dmHtmlMenu with dmMenu for all menu services
  • 18n merge, embed option for admin generator
  • changed merge to be the default option for admin generator i18n
  • fixed coding style in generated form
  • fixed the generator.yml output if i18n fields are embeded
  • added admin_module_space_menu & admin_module_type_menu services to admin service container
  • used menu services to display admin space and type pages
  • made transUnit admin not loremizable
  • improved dmMenu
  • moved dmAlternativeHelper to dmAlternativeHelperPlugin
  • added "Image" to italian translation
  • fixed notice in dmCoreUser when used from CLI
  • fixed css class in front pager
  • fixed menu translations when only one culture
  • made test project more complex
  • fixed isSuperAdmin cache in dmSecurityUser
  • fixed image overlays creation
  • fixed dispatcher dependency in dmFrontCodeEditorFileMenu & dmFrontAddMenu
  • made google cdn disabled by default
  • fixed dmMenu level calculation
  • added unit tests for dmMenu
  • fixed notice in dmWidgetContentTextView on windows
  • fixed dmMenu tests
  • added functional tests to test project for continuous integration
  • fixed dmWidgetTypeManager on admin app
  • added module spaces and types pages to automatic admin functional tests
  • updated test project
  • removed logging when sf_logging_enabled is false
  • fixed record loremizer when creating a link to a random page
  • added programmatically the dmUser module on front app only if missing
  • disabled user modules creation on dmAdminPlugin
  • removed deprecated module dmViewPart
  • fixed dmMenuTest
  • fixed threads default culture
  • added the sitemap_menu service -> deprecates dmFrontHtmlSitemap
  • improved dmMenu to transform link source to link object only when rendering
  • fixed dmWidgetTypeManager component detection
  • fixed dmWidgetTypeManager unit tests
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