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Diem 5.0 ALPHA4

We've just released Diem 5.0.0 ALPHA4.

It adds great features, fixes some bugs and is fully compatible with previous ALPHA releases.

Major changes since ALPHA3

Diem is now available in English, German and French

Thanks to Daniel Lohse who provided a complete German translation.

Additionally, seven generated translation files are waiting for a corrector: Arabic, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Diem now supports both MySQL and PostgreSQL

When installing a new project, the installer asks for the preferred DBM.
In some cases, you will have to create the empty database yourself.

New core developer

Anselme joined the Diem core team and provided a patch for PostgreSQL support.

As a sidenote, the Development page is now useful.

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  • SylvioDecember 1, 2009 6:20 PM

    Sacré projet !

    I developp a CMF (sfDynamicCMS which is born 3 years ago) which become too old even if it is compatible with SF1.3 & propel 1.4 and works fine (in the last version which are not open-source).

    I have 2 options for the future :
    1- Redevelop a new CMF for scratch with all ideas & concepts I have in my head.
    2- Use & participate to an existing project like Diem

    I'm interested in this project. A lot of features seems to be key features that I need to have for my future Symfony projects (I developp only with SF).

    I take a tour in the code (schema & modules) and now I have to test it in order to view if it is respond to my needs :
    - enough user-friendly for final user (clients who are "newbie" in content management).
    - ability to manage external modules & routing (like sfDynamicCMS where routing can be customize fo each "navigation node" = page)

    "Bref", I hope I will contribute to this project in 2010 (not before spring). It's not easy for me because of Doctrine usage, I have a lot of tools & plugins to migrate...

    You should take a look to SolR search engine, it is very powerfull :
    - http://www.miximum.fr/methodes-et-outils/322-quel-moteur-de-recherche-pour-votre-site
    - http://www.miximum.fr/tutos/192-integrer-solr-a-symfony
    (It's not my blog)

  • LucDecember 1, 2009 7:40 PM

    I played around with your "plugin" and I'm really impressed!

    My only question is, can I use it for a protected environment? So how safe is it from SQL injection and other threats?

    Thanks for this great addition to Symfony!


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