Diem 5.0.0_ALPHA4

PostgreSQL support and full German translation

Version notes

December 1, 2009

This release adds great features, fixes some bugs and is fully compatible with previous ALPHA releases.


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  • added postgresql support thanks to Anselme
  • removed en_de.yml and en_fr.yml duplicated entries
  • added automatic upgrade to ALPHA4
  • added automatic translations for Arabic, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, Italian and Spanish
  • removed deprecated template tidyOutput
  • removed en_de.yml ( to be replaced by a better one )
  • improved and fixed translations
  • fixed typos in en_fr.yml and added the complete en_de.yml
  • removed duplicated entry "System" in en_fr.yml and en_de.yml
  • added en_es.yml.generated and en_it.yml.generated
  • made admin ajax logs hash keys more robust
  • disabled request logging for admin ajax requests
  • fixed notices in installer
  • switched to ALPHA4
  • fixed typo in dmWebResponse
  • fixed Zend_CodeGenerator breaks methods body by overriding Zend_Reflection_Method
  • fixed media helper for remote resources
  • styled error dialog
  • added 140 french translations
  • added dm.i18n.not_found event
  • fixed admin code editor use deprecated dmFilesystem->copyRecursive method
  • removed deprecated dmFilesystem->copyRecursive method
  • fixed admin dmError generator.yml
  • fixed translations in admin search module
  • added Daniel Lohse 240 german translations
  • improved skeleton
  • improved front widgets translations
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