Diem 5.0.0_BETA1

First BETA release: new features and more than 1000 unit tests.

Version notes

December 21, 2009

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  • fixed slugify method to be more compatible
  • removed one orphan line in the slugify method, whitespace cleanup
  • advanced markdown inclusion with unit tests - closes #7896
  • started ALPHA9
  • made dmMediaTagImage guess image size even for static images, and use the media legend
  • added tests for dmMediaTagImage
  • removed all sfContext::getInstance() calls from the security user, and used events instead
  • tested and implemented advanced markdown link tags
  • improved admin link tags to support internal page links
  • added more admin link tag and front link tag unit tests
  • made PluginDmPageTable->findOneBySource more robust
  • fixed pages deletion in some unit tests
  • added unit tests
  • fixed little bug in dmMediaTagImage
  • improved front pages performance by using asynchronous google analytics tracker
  • improved versioning history interface
  • updated German translation up to r25526
  • fixed bug when fetching a user
  • updated italian translation up to r25526
  • fixed forms creation in dmSetupTask
  • simplified installation
  • added test fixture project
  • improved unit tests
  • fixed random dql queries
  • added sqlite DBM
  • added DmVersionable doctrine behavior
  • added dm.setup.before and dm.setup.after events
  • removed deprecated dmAbbr admin module
  • added versioning unit tests
  • updated test project
  • made dmMimeTypeResolver lowercase file extensions - closes #7958
  • improved dmUnitTestHelper to clear Diem internal test project
  • improved PostgreSQL compatibility
  • removed default CSS reset file
  • simplified and cleaned media embedding - closes #7842
  • added 50 unit tests
  • fixed DmAdminNewMediaFolderForm when creating a media on the root folder
  • switched to BETA1
  • improved dmDatabaseLoremizer compatibility with sqlite
  • removed cache on DmMedia? relativa path
  • added 120 unit tests for media library
  • refactored and fixed DmMediaFolder? model
  • made dmModule->getAssociations more robust
  • fixed notice in dmPageSynchronizer
  • made the test project more complex
  • fixed typo in installer
  • added cli check in install script
  • added prove.php
  • removed history link from new record form
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