Diem 5.0.0_ALPHA2

Bug fixes, improved installer and code editor

Version notes

November 27, 2009

Thanks to bug reports in diem-users google group and #diem IRC channel on freenode, many bugs have been fixed.

Diem ALPHA2 is 100% compatible with Diem ALPHA1, so you are encouraged to upgrade your projects.


View the changelog on symfony trac

  • override sfApplicationConfiguration->getConfigPaths method to handle better config/dm/*.yml cascade
  • made easier to override front actions and components base class
  • allowed php command in admin console
  • improved error handlers on admin diagrams
  • added warnings in mail utilities
  • added ¬£media default configuration
  • many improvments in installer. No more need to launch dm:setup task after installation.
  • moved the doctrine forms unsetAutoFields() call to base classes
  • added project setup check in dmContext->initialize
  • made dmLogEntry show localhost ip
  • made PluginDmMedia->checkFileExists() more robust
  • removed deprecated dmFilesystem->whois method
  • added graphviz recommandation to dmServerCheck, and removed deprecated ones
  • fixed file backup permissions
  • fixed usage of mbstring in dmSeoSynchronizer
  • improved dmSetupTask
  • removed deprecated dmUpgradeTask->upgradeTo500Dev1 method
  • improved browser server check stylesheet
  • fixed front code editor error handler
  • added dmValidatorCssClasses
  • added help messages on front text widget
  • fixed warning when generating front templates
  • improved generated front templates comments
  • added min and max values to dmValidatorCssSize
  • added save button and confirmation messages to front code editor
  • fixed static calls to i18n service in front widget forms
  • improved secure page
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