Diem 5.0.0_ALPHA7

Now with built-in versionning, 4 languages and more unit tests

Version notes

December 9, 2009

ALPHA7 is compatible with ALPHA6.


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  • fixed admin module internal search to make it work with translated fields
  • made dmDoctrineQuery->withI18n() more robust by introspecting the query to see if i18n is already joined
  • added dmDoctrineTable->isI18nColumn() method
  • fixed admin search on non-i18n tables
  • removed deprecated configuration options
  • switched to ALPHA7
  • moved manual page initialization call to the form
  • fixed bug create page in front doesn't apply the request layout
  • added unit test coverage for front page creation
  • added an upgrade task for old generated settings.yml
  • updated sfImageTransformPlugin to 1.3.0
  • enhanced dmUpgradeTask to satisfy some perfectionnist people
  • fixed user arrive on site with session culture that the system cannot handle
  • optimized DQL query
  • fixed dmSearchIndex can not be created without a dir option
  • added some search engine unit tests
  • added user unit test file
  • fixed SEO preview for translated pages
  • fixed tool bar cache does not depend on user culture
  • improved interface translation interface
  • added page_routing and page_route services to the front service container
  • added dmPageRouting unit tests
  • deleted dmViewCacheManager
  • made dmBaseServiceContainer->setParameter chainable
  • made dmFrontActions use the new page_routing service
  • fixed dmForm->open() XHTML compliance when using an anchor in the action
  • fixed javascript configuration on no_script_name environments
  • added versioning capabilites ( not ready yet for translatable models )
  • added history admin interface to manage record versions, view diffs and revert to old versions
  • added admin history assets
  • added history action in admin generated forms
  • fixed non-translated outputs in admin
  • added text_diff and record_text_diff services to core service container
  • made DmMailTemplate? versionable
  • added 23 french translations
  • made i18n methods callable directly on the record
  • made i18n relations accessible directly on the record
  • added Text_Diff external library to vendor lib
  • added dmTableTag->clearBody method
  • fixed update project ajax box translations
  • added unit test in dmRecordTest
  • added dmTableTest unit test file
  • added dmVersionningTest unit test file
  • removed duplicated translation
  • made Versionable behavior work with translatable models
  • removed "version" from human fields when table is versionable
  • added versionable unit tests
  • updated German translations, added new ones and updated old one (mostly typos)
  • removed .project and .buildpath files and excluded them via svn:ignore
  • added many unit tests
  • made dmWidgetType and dmAction extend dmConfigurable
  • added dmConfig::canSystemCall
  • added default value to dmConfigurable->getOption
  • improved dmThreadLauncher
  • added dmBrowser->describe method
  • fixed coding standarts
  • completed dmWidgetTypeManager unit tests
  • removed generated translation files
  • made dmFrontLinkResource handle exception links
  • made dmFrontLinkTagError simulate fluent interface
  • made dmPageTreeWatcher use threads only if PHP can do system calls
  • added 361 Spanish translations thanks to benjamin roesch
  • freshly created project no more use the dmProjectConfiguration->setWebDirName method, wich is now deprecated
  • added 23 Spanish translations
  • removed useless unit test
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