Diem 5.0.0_BETA3

Frenetic work rewarded

Version notes

January 18, 2010


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This release is fully compatible with BETA2 and you are strongly encouraged to upgrade.
As the core schema.yml has not been changed, you just need to run

php symfony dm:setup  

to upgrade your project.

If you use the dmWidgetGalleryPlugin or dmFlowPlayerPlugin or dmCkEditorPlugin, please update them to the latest SVN version.


View the changelog on symfony trac

  • fixed missing english translation for jQuery datepicker
  • fixed dmValidatorCssClasses didn't allow "-" in class names
  • added unit tests for dmValidatorCssClasses
  • made possible to temporary disable versioning on a record
  • enhanced doctrine form generator to allow plugins to change widget classes
  • enhanced javascript compressor to delegate the minify decision
  • improved test project
  • fixed sf_upload_dir_name for windows servers
  • made the javascript compressor delegate the decision to cache an asset by using a filter event
  • fixed sortable activation/deactivation in admin generator
  • fixed script_name javascript option
  • added dmMediaTag->getAbsoluteSrc() method
  • fixed typo in dmAdmin modules.yml
  • fixed markdown ajax previsualisation when multiple markdown editors on the same fieldset
  • fixed admin sortable configuration
  • fixed javascript strict compliance
  • fixed pageSync and seoSync unit tests for old sqlite versions
  • added browser_check service to the dmUserPlugin service container
  • added unsupported browser page inspired by the google wave one
  • started the admin dmManualSeo module ( not ready yet )
  • started to implement the cut/copy and paste on front ( not ready yet )
  • added javascript compressor black_list option
  • added french translation file in dmUserPlugin
  • fixed javascript for strict compliance
  • added manual_metas permission
  • moved dmBrowser->isModern method to the browser_check service
  • removed deprecated dmHtmlFilter
  • aesthetic changes here and here
  • fixed front interface actions
  • improved test project
  • added dmFrontBar functional tests
  • fixed front edition panels
  • improved dmFunctionalTestHelper
  • fixed unit tests for the new test project
  • added clear-db parameter to dm.setup.before and dm.setup.after
  • fixed browsers page links
  • added 300 admin functional tests
  • fixed some bugs in admin
  • fixed bug in media resource
  • added unit tests for media resource
  • improved google api service
  • no more stores google analytics logins but authentication token
  • enhanced admin google analytics module
  • restored gapi cache
  • functional tester and browser are now managed by the service container
  • added config panel and navigation front functional tests
  • updated italian translation up to r26386
  • added dmEditWidget front functional test
  • added a test project builder
  • improved test project
  • added dmConfigurable->mergeOption method
  • added dmContent admin functional test
  • fixed bug when requesting non-existing data on record
  • fixed double inclusion of hidden fields in dmForm
  • added version to automatic unsetted form fields for versionable record forms
  • improved javascript compressor black list capabilities
  • added dmNavigation front functional test
  • enhanced dmWebResponse fluent interface
  • fixed front bread crumb generation when no links inside
  • minor test project fixes
  • added sitemap_menu service unit and functional tests
  • fixed messages translation in dmWidgetBaseForm
  • DmPage and DmWidget records now return their moduleAction as module/action
  • added dmWidgetNavigationBreacrumb->getLinks method
  • added an event to filter the breadcrumb links
  • links to inactive pages are changed to span if user doesn't have the "site_view" permission
  • added tests for links to inactive pages
  • added user dependency to the link_tag_page & link_tag_record services
  • added dm_inactive css class to span links to inactive pages
  • fixed front page edit form
  • added front edit page functional tests
  • refactored xml_sitemap_generator service to produce one sitemap per culture plus an index sitemap
  • enhanced sitemap admin module to show all sitemaps
  • added unit and functional tests for xml sitemap generation
  • added jQuery 1.4
  • fixed bug when trying to compress malformed javascript file: now logs an error message and leave the file uncompressed
  • moved to jQuery 1.4 & jQuery UI 1.8alpha2
  • async page tree loading no more uses json to pass javascript dependencies
  • added dmBaseActions->renderAsync method
  • updated jquery.blockUI to 2.31
  • updated dmCorePageBar javascript
  • async page tree loading no more uses json to pass javascript dependencies
  • added dmBaseActions->renderAsync method
  • moved transliteration strings to the i18n service
  • added unit tests for dmString::transliterate
  • now use minified version of jQuery 1.4
  • updated jQuery CDN url
  • splitted front pager service into 2 services: doctrine_pager & front_pager_view
  • added unit & functional tests for the new pager services
  • allowed to render widgets with ajax request to +/dmWidget/render
  • added functional tests for widgets rendering
  • removed deprecated dmFrontBaseServiceContainer->getDoctrinePager method
  • added browser_detection service
  • improved browser detection with googlebot, google chrome and iphone
  • added unit tests for browser detection
  • enhanced edition javascripts
  • enhanced front edition javascripts
  • refactored front widgets edition to no more use json encode data but raw HTML
  • enhanced dmBaseActions->renderAsync to allow to pass asynchronous assets to load
  • fixed datepicker translation
  • improved front pager to allow ajax links
  • removed deprecated methods dmForm->addJavascript & dmForm->addStylesheet
  • renamed dmWidgetBaseView->addRequiredJavascript to addJavascript & addRequiredStylesheet to addStylesheet
  • added dmFrontAjaxPager javascript controller
  • made dmFrontLinkTag and dmAdminLinkTag accept "mailto:"
  • added unit tests for "mailto:" links
  • fixed warning in dmAdminLinkTag
  • added default options for the front_pager_view service
  • fixed default main.css
  • fixed front H1 replacement
  • added functional tests for front h1 replacement
  • added dmMenu->notAuthenticated method
  • added unit tests for not_athenticated menu items
  • fixed dmFrontDoctrinePager fails to display next link on first page when nbLinks == 0 - closes #8125
  • added unit test for dmFrontPagerView when nb_links = 0
  • changed version to 5.0.0-BETA3
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