Diem 5.0.0_BETA4

Translations, bugfixes and performances

Version notes

January 23, 2010


  • 2 new translations: Russian and Macedonian
  • More than 30 bugs fixed
  • new services: web_browser, diem_version_check
  • transliteration is now culture aware
  • upgraded jQuery UI to 1.8b1
  • now usable with Google Chrome
  • more asynchronous asset loading on front edition
  • refactored log services
  • global code cleanage

And many little improvements here and there... See the changelog.

View the changeset on symfony trac


This release is fully compatible with BETA3 and you are strongly encouraged to upgrade.
As the core schema.yml has not been changed, you just need to run

php symfony dm:setup  

to upgrade your project.


View the changelog on symfony trac

  • fixed widget ajax preview by using encoded assets when clicking on the try button of the widget edition dialog
  • removed old versions of jQuery
  • added fluent interface for dmFrontPagerView
  • widget edition handles better widgets which module/action does no more exist
  • fixed front code editor style
  • fixed JavaScript strict warnings
  • made front code editor use new async assets loading style
  • improved apc monitor interface
  • added web_browser service base on sfWebBrowser
  • fixed user_agent in dmWebBrowser
  • removed is_active from auto fields to unset
  • disabled gzip compression of assets by default
  • fixed javascript warning when cancel edition on a zone without css class
  • aesthetical changes in zone actions class
  • fixed unknown media icon on admin embedded media forms
  • cleaned dmContext
  • fixed edition assets loading when user connected with remember_me filter
  • added diem_version_check service
  • added dm version methods
  • added unit tests for diem_version_check service and dm version methods
  • fixed web_browser service user-agent
  • added dmFilter->getService method
  • added version check message on admin homepage
  • added diem_version_check service enabled options
  • updated diem_version_check service unit tests
  • improved web_browser service
  • added modified sfWebBrowser test suite
  • updated dmContent functional test
  • added dmRefresh functional tests
  • dmServiceContainer->reload now returns the reloaded service
  • improved diem_version_check service
  • fixed dmWebBrowser unit test
  • added russian translation!
  • dmMediaTag can now require javascripts and stylesheets
  • dmBrowserDetection detects better search engine bots
  • fixed transliteration on dm:setup
  • moved transliteration arrays to separate files
  • updated browsers sprite
  • added upgrade method to dmUpgradeTask to add missing ga_token setting
  • fixed comments
  • fixed current class on links to @homepage
  • added dmLinkTag current_class and parent_class options
  • made dmMenu assign link current_class and link parent_class to li tag
  • added unit tests for link and menu services
  • added dmLinkTag->currentClass and dmLinkTag->parentClass methods
  • updated admin charts
  • installer now generates a relative web dir in ProjectConfiguration.class.php
  • fixed dmRequestLogView browser icon for bots
  • fixed comment in dmBaseServiceContainer
  • removed Timestampable behavior from dmUserPlugin associative models
  • fixed possible warning on dmWidgetShowView
  • added dmContext task methods for execution buffer output
  • i18n service now loads transliteration strings required for all sites cultures when initializing - closes #8154
  • fixed transliteration loading
  • improved transliteration unit tests
  • updated rsync_exclude.txt on skeleton
  • added jQuery UI 1.8b1
  • made browser page more precise
  • removed deprecated dmFrontWebResponse and dmAdminWebResponse classes
  • fixed skeleton default factories.yml
  • fixed browser and log charts cache usage
  • added writer user to test project
  • fixed internal use of user->can()
  • removed deprecated front_edit permission
  • added see_diagrams & see_server permissions
  • added dmFrontLinkTagPage->getPage() getter
  • toggle edit mode when adding a zone or a widget to the page
  • fixed widget disappear when submiting invalid form on widget edit dialog
  • added dmWidgetBaseView->getService method
  • added comment on dmFrontLinkTagPage
  • removed deprecated dmDialog.js
  • added unit tests for dmDoctrineQuery
  • refactored front page actions: cleaner, leaner, and use new async asset loading
  • added tests for admin sorting on foreign and i18n column
  • fixed admin sorting on foreign and i18n column
  • improved admin data table style
  • added sfFeed2Plugin to svn:externals
  • fixed javascript code conventions in dmArea.js
  • made Diem usable on google chrome
  • speed up front edition javascript by disabling hotkeys and splitted ajax success response
  • fixed dmDoctrineQuery->getJoinAliasForRelationAlias()
  • replaced evil eval by native JSON parser on dmFrontPageAddForm.js
  • made all front page form javascripts use the new async asset loading system
  • fixed draggable zone helper style
  • removed deprecated DmPage->initialiazeManualPage() method
  • disabled doctrine setExtensionsPath call as it is useless
  • rewrote default pageSuccess.php with symfony style
  • fixed DmPage->updateAutoModFromModified does not always return the page
  • fixed page edition functional tests according to new async asset loading system
  • fixed bug in front edition javascript
  • fixed front widget dialog label style
  • added Macedonian translation thanks to Bojan Jankuloski
  • added copyright file and licenses
  • made zone actions use new async asset loading
  • fixed hotkeys on zone dialog and widget dialog
  • made hotkeys lib load asynchronously
  • added mitjade's helper for droppable areas
  • culture selector presents each culture translated
  • fixed dialog borders on google chrome
  • added getService shortcut to dmDoctrineRecord & dmDoctrineTable
  • added menu widget (not ready yet)
  • simplified and refactored the javascript codebase
  • removed some deprecated classes
  • refactored dmEventLog, dmRequestLog and dmFileLog
  • changed Diem file log format
  • removed deprecated method useTidy on dmWebRequest
  • disable request logging on ajax markdown preview requests
  • fixed dmFileLog corrupted line detection
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