Diem 5.0.0_ALPHA5

Bugfixes release

Version notes

December 2, 2009

This release brings 14 bugfixes. The front drag&drop is more usable, XHTML 1.0 doctypes are better supported, symfony way to include browser specific stylesheets is supported.

And it's 100% compatible with other ALPHA releases.


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  • fixed front edition sortable bug when page loaded in preview mode, then changed to edit mode.
  • improved front drag&drop zones and widget are now more usable
  • fixed typo "Desactivate"->"Deactivate"
  • added dmAdminGenerateTask clear option to regenerate a module
  • disabled selection on front & admin tool bar menus
  • added clearfix class on dmFrontPageHelper->renderArea div.dm_zones ( required for drag to sortable )
  • fixed bug in widget_renderer service
  • improved zone and widget draggable helper appearance
  • fixed skeleton front functional tests
  • disabled no script name redirection when running functional tests
  • updated static calls to Doctrine_Core
  • fixed time delta on server log chart
  • made content chart use weeks instead of months
  • fixed escaping in admin config panel
  • added dmString::escape static method
  • removed useless escaping from the dmConfigForm class
  • added dmFormField->getHelp method
  • fixed dmFormField when fluent interface is used many time in the same string generation
  • changed redirection code from 302 to 301 ( moved permanently ) in dmInitFilter->redirectTrailingSlash and dmFrontInitFilter->redirectNoScriptName
  • added dmFrontInitFilter->redirectNoScriptName method
  • fixed typo in installer
  • updated server check to check pdo_pgsql
  • added a help message in admin dmLayout generator.yml
  • added a french translation
  • removed special way to include browser specific stylesheets. Now the symfony way is used
  • updated admin generator processFormActions part to match latest symfony update
  • updated dmMessageFormat to allow to format objects with a toString method
  • improved dmValidatorCssClasses
  • fixed bug in DmZoneFrontForm->configure
  • fixed admin visit chart
  • moved dmFrontLayoutHelper->renderHead method to dmCoreLayoutHelper
  • handled 1.0 doctype version in dmCoreLayoutHelper
  • fixed doctype bug in dmFrontPageHelper
  • fixed doctype bug in dmFrontLayoutHelper
  • fixed typo in en_fr.yml and en_de.yml
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