Diem 5.0.0_ALPHA6

This version brings major changes, and is not backward compatible.

Version notes

December 6, 2009

To handle better multilingual websites, this version brings changes in the Diem Core database schema.
It breaks the compatibility. A Doctrine migration will not be sufficient to upgrade your projects, and a

php symfony dm:setup --clear-db  

is required.
Eh, Diem is still in ALPHA stage.


View the changelog on symfony trac

  • refactored search subframework to be more flexible and testable
  • refactored seo_synchronizer service to handle multilinguism
  • fixed usage of dmDoctrineQuery->isActive in admin generated module actions
  • made DmPage is_secure field translatable ( compatibility break )
  • added DmSetting table in admin database core diagram
  • added translation tables in admin database diagrams
  • removed generated diagrams page h1
  • made DmWidget translatable ( compatibility break )
  • made DmAutoSeo translatable ( compatibility break )
  • made DmMailTemplate translatable ( compatibility break )
  • fixed admin search engine querying
  • fixed search engine description when many culture indices
  • added search_engine service dir option
  • added search_index service culture and name options
  • added the new search_document service with a culture option
  • added the new search_hit service with score and page_id options
  • added page_i18n_builder service to listen page creation and create missing translations
  • removed search_engine logger dependency
  • removed search_index logger and filesystem dependencies
  • removed layoutType index on DmArea table
  • changed front and admin automatic functional tests default env to prod
  • added default favicon
  • fixed dmRecordLoremizer on translatable tables
  • improved dmDoctrineQuery->whereIsActive method to handle translated is_active fields
  • added dmDoctrineQuery->fetchOneArray shortcut method
  • added dmDoctrineRecord->hasCurrentTranslation
  • enhanced dmDoctrineRecord preSave hook to notify an update even if only the translated table has been modified
  • added dmDoctrineRecord->toArrayWithI18n method
  • fixed dmDoctrineRecord->getI18nFallback() should return null on new records
  • removed translation table id field from human columns
  • made dmDoctrineTable->getColumnDefinition return the translated column definitions
  • made dmDoctrineTable->getIdentifierColumnName method use the translated fields
  • added dmFormDoctrine i18n fallback capabilities
  • added dmI18n->getCultures and setCultures method
  • refactored PluginDmAutoSeoTable
  • improved performances on DmLayout creation
  • fixed action modification detection when saving a DmPage record
  • added dm.page_post_save event
  • removed deprecated PluginDmPage->getDmAutoSeo() method
  • made PluginDmPageTable->findOneBySlug method use an innerJoin for the translation, as we search on the translated slug
  • added PluginDmWidget->toArrayWithMappedValue() method with i18n fallback capability for value field
  • fixed bug when refreshing page on dmPageSynchronizer before moving it in the tree
  • made dmPageTreeWatcher synchronize SEO for each culture
  • added dmBackup->setDir method to ease unit tests
  • deprecated dmFrontPageIndexableContentTask
  • fixed dm:setup task when no models are declared in user schema.yml
  • added dmSyncPageTask
  • removed deprecated dmGenerateMigrationTask
  • made dmFrontFunctionalTest expect a 401 status code on login page
  • made dmSeoSynchronizerThread run the synchronization for each culture
  • removed culture tests in dmCoreUser to ease multilingual tests
  • fixed dmLinkTag attributes to remove
  • fixed dmLinkTag detection of empty params
  • added 21 unit test files
  • made dmTestHelper and dmPageTestHelper more robust
  • made culture selection in front application follow the current page even if the slug has changed
  • tested jQuery 1.4a1 : it doesn't work yet
  • added widget_css_class_pattern page_helper option
  • removed page_helper_service dependence to i18n service
  • added automatic i18n query inclusion on front list component
  • fixed dmWidgetBaseForm use latest widget default value to use the translated value
  • made dmWidgetBaseView more robust
  • made dmFrontPageViewHelper and dmFrontPageEditHelper extend dmFrontPageBaseHelper
  • made front_helper service extend dmConfigurable, and easier to extend
  • dropped compatibility fix on front base actions
  • fixed admin search on non-i18n tables
  • fixed admin module internal search to make it work with translated fields
  • made dmDoctrineQuery->withI18n() more robust by introspecting the query to see if i18n is already joined
  • added dmDoctrineTable->isI18nColumn() method
  • fixed favicon inclusion now accepts .ico, .png and .gif
  • fixed dmFront does not check if a user layout is available
  • fixed bug in dmSetupTask due to usage of cache:clear task
  • removed old stuff from dmTestHelper
  • removed old test stuff
  • added some unit tests
  • removed useless check in dmSetupTask
  • fixed typos and a few translations in the German translation
  • now dm:setup task checks if a doctrine migration is required, before building models
  • fixed permissions on layout template creation
  • fixed skeleton admin login_module setting
  • added sf_login and sf secure configuration in dmAdminPluginConfiguration
  • removed useless model declarations in admin default modules.yml
  • added template field to DmLayout?. No each layout can declare its own template.
  • removed deprecated lazy_cache_key config from skeleton
  • fixed skeleton sf_login and sf_secure configs
  • added comments in dmString
  • added changeToDisabled and changeToReadOnly shortcut methods to dmForm
  • added dmSearchIndex->fixPermissions method, and cleaned the whole class
  • added dmFrontGenerateTask->generateLayoutTemplates method
  • made dmFrontPluginConfiguration change sf_login and sf_secure configs, only if set to default
  • made dmFrontPageViewHelper and dmFrontPageEditHelper extend the abstract dmFrontPageBaseHelper
  • cleaned the page_helper implementation classes, removed the widget_type_manager dependency, made them more robust, faster, and easier to extend
  • added login and secure actions to dmFront
  • added comments on the default layout template
  • made impossible to secure the login page
  • improved DmFormSignin? and made it extend BaseDmFormSignin?
  • improved the signin page template
  • fixed pages secure option
  • added login page and disabled it in sitemap generation and search engine population
  • fixed authentication typo
  • improved permission and group toSring method
  • added zone_form service to front service container to allow developer to change the way Zones can be edited
  • added dmBaseActions->getServiceContainer shortcut
  • removed dash prefix from automatic pages urls
  • removed negligible browsers ( < 0.5% ) from the browser chart
  • added package.xml and README, removed TODO
  • removed dmUser from core modules
  • updated to ALPHA6
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