Diem 5.0.0_ALPHA3

Now extensible with symfony plugins

Version notes

November 29, 2009

This third Alpha release fixes 14 bugs, and provides a better support for Diem extension with symfony plugins.


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  • added a plugin system
  • created dmWidgetGalleryPlugin
  • moved dmLayout admin module to Tools namespace
  • reduced admin chart lifetimes in admin services.yml
  • moved core app.yml
  • made LICENSE file more readable
  • improved french translation
  • moved page guessing to dmFront/page action
  • fixed programmatic forward404
  • fixed json encoding on upload ajax responses
  • switched to ALPHA3
  • added dmForm->getHelper() method
  • added PluginDmPageTable? findOneBySlug and fetchError404 methods
  • fixed install password when database has no password
  • made dmHelper->¬£media more robust
  • added core thumbnail web service ( secured )
  • removed deprecated w3cValidation
  • added folder synchronization on front media bar
  • allowed front link droppable inpu to accept only pages or medias
  • added an error dialog for debugging ajax responses
  • added the jQuery loadStylesheets plugin
  • added the widget_renderer service
  • allowed front widget views and forms to declare their required assets, so they can be loaded asynchronously
  • fixed media widget default resiz method
  • fixed widget_width value on front widget forms
  • added quality field to media, text an gallery forms
  • added dmWidgetType->getPublicName method
  • made dmWidgetTypeManager more robust
  • simplified a lot dmFrontInitFilter
  • refactored front page helpers to use the new widget_renderer service
  • improved widget edit dialog titles
  • cleaned dmFrontActions code
  • refactored dmWidgetActions to use the new widget_renderer service, and serve widget assets asynchronously
  • made front code editor use the new error dialog
  • made jQuery dmFrontForm linkDroppable method public
  • fixed admin menu order
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