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Diem 5.0 ALPHA3

I'm very happy to announce that a new alpha release is available for download.

Bug fixes

Thanks to community feedback on Google group and symfony trac, 14 bugs have been fixed.

New service

The widget_renderer service has been added to the front services.
It's responsible for rendering a widget view, and collect its required stylesheets and javascripts.
This new service allows front controllers to load javascript and stylesheets asynchronously when adding widgets on a page.

Improved extensibility with symfony plugins

Now, just by enabling a Diem plugin the same way you do with a symfony one, you can extend Diem.
All fancy widgets requested by the community (menu, image gallery, WYSIWYG, Google maps...) will be progressively packaged into Diem plugins.
The first plugin will be released very soon. It's named dmWidgetGalleryPlugin and it already powers the diem-project homepage.

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