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Diem just turned into a GitHub organisation..

Diem's GitHub account diem-project just turned into a GitHub organisation.
According to GitHub:

What’s different about an organization account?

A GitHub organization is a profile on GitHub that is managed from your personal account. Organizations are best suited for businesses who need to manage permissions for many employees.

In short: organisations make it easier to manage different people and repositories.

If you want to contribute to Diem, moderate the forum's, update documentation or support Diem in any other way, please create an account on the Diem forum and post your request to the new Diem Team Forum Membership application.

As the Diem team is currently being reorganized, please allow some time for things to be back to normal. More about this soon!

We'll stay in touch and keep you posted..

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  • LincolnJuly 6, 2013 2:33 AM

    This creates a flashy rainbow of colors across the surface of the gemstone, similar to bright light moving through
    a prism. Bald cypress bonsai bushes, even so, like wet, swamp-like soil.
    Then, if you're lucky to have a bead store close by like I do that sells loose beads, go crazy getting all the funky colored, weird-material-made beads you can find.

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