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Diem 5.0 RC2 released

Thanks to git & github, issues get raised and fixed faster each day. We already have enough work done to bring you a second release candidate.

Features completed

A long-time requested Doctrine behavior is now natively supported and documented: DmBlameable. It remembers who created and modified a record, and is really useful when used with DmVersionable. Also, the versioning interface has been refactored to show more information, with less database queries.

The front editing tools have been enhanced according to community feedback, and more resizing/cropping options are available in the media widget dialog.
Each authenticated user that accesses to the admin app now has a dedicated page to modify his/hers email and password.

French & Italian translations have also been updated.

Bugs fixed

A possible issue with Google Analytics, some minor problems with JavaScript and an error when using onDelete: RESTRICT on a Media relation have been fixed.


A new documentation page is available: Learn how to use Diem Doctrine behaviors. The Security and users doc has been completed to explain how to allow visitors to modify their information.

Updated Plugins

Upgrade is easy and strongly recommended.

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