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Diem 5.0 ALPHA6

After four days of intensive work, we are very proud to release the 6th ALPHA version of Diem 5.0.

As a compatibility break was required to add i18n fallback capabilities to the core, we decided to use this opportunity to refactor some parts of the framework.

  • The search engine was rewritten to use the service container. It becomes easier to extend and to test.
  • The page synchronization has been refactored to handle better multilingual websites.
  • The front security has been enhanced. Now the login page is a Diem page, and you can manage it just like the other ones.

Additionally, 21 unit test files have been added. Learn how to run them.

A dedicated symfony trac component is now available to receive your tickets. Please choose the "diemPlugin" component when submitting bug reports and feature request.

View the quite big changelog
Download Diem 5.0.0_ALPHA6

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