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Responsabilities and permissions

Give the right permissions to the right persons

Several people can get involved in the creation of a professional website. As the superadmin of the system, you need to give each one the good permissions.

In order to allow precise responsabilities, Diem provides lots of permissions, and some predefined groups.



The easiest and best place to modify the site content is to use the admin interface. To allow a user to access your admin modules, give it the "Writer" group.
The "Writer" group allows to log into the admin interface and see the Content Menu. A writer can create, update and delete records with your admin modules. He sees the pages and media bars, but can not access the Media Library.
He sees the request and view logs, excepted the errors in these logs, that are filtered.
He sees the front as a unauthenticated visitor.

Front editor

An unexperimented webmaster (or typically, a customer) will want to modify the website directly on the front. But he has no skill with web design, and knows nothing about Diem templating system (Zones, Widgets).
Give the "front_editor" group to this user will show him big and easy edit buttons in some places of the front application. It allows to modify titles, links, texts and images very easily. Also, your records such as articles and products are made editable.

So this user will be able to modify the website content from the front application, but will not see the front toolbar, nor the pages or media bars. He doesn't see the Zones & Widget structure, and cannot add nor delete Widgets.

Work in progress

This documentation page is not complete yet. We are working hard to make it available as soon as possible.

Questions and Feedback

If you need support or have a technical question, you can

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