Create articles with RSS feed and send newsletters.

This plugin is meant to be a whole news management feature. Some things still need to be done (see documentation), but basic functionality is already included and working with Diem 5.1


  • In a console, from your project root dir, run:
git clone git:// plugins/lrNewsPlugin  
  • In config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php, add lrNewsPlugin to the list of enabled plugins:
class ProjectConfiguration extends dmProjectConfiguration
  public function setup()  
      // your enabled plugins  
  • In a console, from your project root dir, run:
php symfony doctrine:generate-migrations-diff  

php symfony doctrine:migrate  

php symfony dm:setup  


See issues here or in Github.


There are 2 mail templates used in this plugin:

'confirm_newsletter_subscription' with the following variables:

  • %firstname% => firstname of the subscriber
  • %lastname% => lastname of the subscriber
  • %email% => email address of the subscriber
  • %confirm_parameter% => the parameter for confirmation link (See 3. Parameters' for more details.)
  • %confirm_limit% => hours a subscription must be confirmed before subscriber gets deleted from database

'newsletter' with the following variables:

  • %firstname%, %lastname%, %email% => same as above
  • %edit_parameter% => the parameter for editing a subscription already in database (See '3. Parameters' for more details.)
  • %unsubscribe_parameter% => the parameter for removing a subscription from database (See '3. Parameters' for more details.)
  • %content_text% => all articles with title and summary relating to the current newsletter and generated absolute url as text
  • %content_html% => articles HTML formatted and with clickable, translated "Read more" link


Parameters give you the flexibility to choose an URL yourself. They will always just return the
method to use as URL variable and the subscriber's id as its value.
So for instance the %edit_parameter% returns: ?edit=3 for editing a subscriber with id 3.
You have to set the beginning of the URL yourself. So let's say you have the subscriber form under than you would have to insert into the template:

Available modules

There are 4 widgets you can use in frontend:

  • Articles List => Shows a list of all articles with summary, date and author
  • Articles List Side => Shows a list of articles with titles only
  • Articles Show => Shows a single article with its content/body
  • Subscribers Subscription => Shows either the form for adding a new subscriber or editing an existing one


You can set in app.yml the following variables under news:

  • maxFeedItems => How many items should be shown in the feed (default: 20)
  • feedAuthor => Author that should be used for the whole feed (default: lrNewsPlugin)
  • showAuthor => Should the Author be shown on articles (default: false)
  • wait4ConfirmationHours => Hours to wait until a new subscription has to be confirmed (default: 48)


You can get the feed by calling i.e.
By default the feed is cached. If you don't want it to be cached (not recommended) put inside your app's cache.yml:

cache: false


First you have to create a new newsletter and set a subject. You should use a name other than just 'Newsletter' so that you know inside of an article which newsletter your are choosing. So a better name would be 'Newsletter from 01.01.2010'.

Than you can either start directly adding a new article from within the newsletter's configuration form or if you have already an article which you like to integrate into the newsletter just go directly to that one and open it's edit form.

Inside the edit form on the right side there is a dropdown box where you can select the newsletter.

Than if you have all articles you want inside the newsletter go back to the newsletter list and click Send left of the newsletter subject. A page opens, showing you the title of the newsletter, the amount of subscribers it was send to and the titles of all articles that have been included.

If you set the mail template for newsletter to text than use variable %content_text% and for HTML mails use %content_html%


If you want an article to be send in the newsletter, but not shown on the frontend just leave the article

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