Diem plugins syndication


Display a contact form on the site, manage entries on admin

The dmContactPlugin allows to display a typical contact form.
By default, contact requests sent with the form are stored in database.
The plugin packages a Diem front widget and an admin interface to manage contact requests.
Integrates recaptcha validation.

See it in action on the contact page


  • In a console, from your project root dir, run:
git clone git://github.com/ornicar/dmContactPlugin.git plugins/dmContactPlugin  
  • In config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php, add dmContactPlugin to the list of enabled plugins:
class ProjectConfiguration extends dmProjectConfiguration
  public function setup()  
      // your enabled plugins  
  • In a console, from your project root dir, run:
php symfony doctrine:generate-migrations-diff  

php symfony doctrine:migrate  

php symfony dm:setup  

Display the form on the front

Open the front "Add" menu, and drag&drop a contact/form widget somewhere on your site.

Manage contact requests on admin

Open Content->Feedback->Contacts on admin menu.

Enable captcha validation

This step is facultative, but will help you fighting against spam.
Add this configuration in

    # get your recaptcha keys on http://recaptcha.net/api/getkey  
    public_key:   6LeefAkAAAAAAF-this-is-a-dummy-public-key  
    private_key:  6LeefAkAAAAAA-this-is-a-dummy-private-key  
    enabled:      true  

You will need to get API keys from the recaptcha website. It's free.

Customize form style

You may just use CSS if the default outputed HTML looks fine to you.

Or you can override the form template by copying

Add fields to the form

The default form is quite basic. Let's say you wanna add a "subject" field.

Override the model schema

Add these lines in your project schema

    subject:          { type: string(255), notnull: true }  

Then run the required doctrine migrations and setup your project

php symfony doctrine:generate-migrations-diff  
php symfony doctrine:migrate  
php symfony dm:setup  

The DmContact model and form are now up to date and contain the subject field. We still have to display the on front and admin.

Update the front template


then add the "subject" field somewhere, for example just after the form tag.

echo $form->open();
echo $form['subject']->label()->field()->error();  

Update the admin interface


and paste this configuration inside:

          - '=name'  
          - subject  
          - email  
          - body  
          - created_at  
          - updated_at  
          NONE: [name, email]  
          Body: [subject, body]  

Learn more about symfony admin generator.

Customize model and form

you can override the DmContact model in your project

and the DmContactForm form in your project

Do something when a contact request is saved.

Listen to the 'dm_contact.saved' event in

class frontConfiguration extends dmFrontApplicationConfiguration  
  public function configure()  
    $this->dispatcher->connect('dm_contact.saved', array($this, 'listenToContactSavedEvent'));  
  public function listenToContactSavedEvent(sfEvent $e)  
    $contact = $e['contact'];  
    // do something with the freshly saved $contact  
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  • JérémyApril 13, 2011 1:49 PM

    It's normal, nothing has changed in your schema.yml

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    . Zapata 71. B 锟斤拷 LN, B. Carvajal 65; A. Hernandez 68; R. De La Cruz 71.Brackenridge Park WomenAt Riverside: First flight 锟斤拷 LG, C. Tuerk 88; LN, B. Hemmi 72; LP, B. Hemmi 31. Second 锟斤拷 LG, G. Rosales 89; LN, (tie) F. Scott, S. Wilson 71; LP, B. Ponseigo 28. Third 锟斤拷 LG, G. Haradon 110; LN, J. Frey 81; LP, (tie) J. Frey, P. Neal 32. Birdies 锟斤拷 M. Piatt (No. 3); C. Tuerk (No. 12); G. Rosales (No. 16).Canyon Springs Senior MenTwo-man match play 锟斤拷 F. Hillis-B. Long 1 up; D. Felps-R. Hall 4&amp;3; D. LaPorte-D. Yuncker 2&amp;1; D. Nordley-T. Hennigan 1 up; T. Frye-R. Gaskill 6&amp;4; W. Jensen-B. Balzar 5&amp;4; B. Carsten-P. Shoemaker 1 up; F. Ricci-B. McCormack 1 up; K. Coelman-F.A. Dry 5&amp;4; J. Gallagher-H. Brischke 1 up; R. Moore-D. Wadsworth 2&amp;1; T. Trevino-K. Archibald 6&amp;5; J. Driskill-G. Wintjen 5&amp;4. Three-man best ball 锟斤拷 R. Green 65. Chip-in 锟斤拷 M. Wood. Closest to hole 锟斤拷 D. Felps (No. 3); T. Adamcik (No. 17).Dominion WomenClassics 锟斤拷 Alusp-Bradford, first; Walker-Brantley, second.
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    rry Ridge, Suite 212, San Antonio, Texas 78230. Contact: 467-6575 or aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu. Clubs/special interestsGreater San Antonio Camera Club meets at 7:30 p.m. each first and third Thursdays at the Lions Field Adult Center, 2809 Broadway. Visit: gsacc.org. San Antonio Audubon Society meets at 7 p.m. first Thursdays at The First Tee, 915 E. Mulberry Ave. Member Sheridan Coffey presents photos of her November 2011 trip to Suriname. Contact: 308-6788 or saaudubon.org. Woman's Club of San Antonio presents 锟斤拷Viva her Vida: A Conversation with Vikki Carr 10:30 a.m.-1 p.m. Wednesday at 1717 San Pedro Ave. Express-News fashion writer Michael Quintanilla talks with the famed singer. Cost: $25. This includes a social, lunch and a boutique. Reservations are required by 10 a.m. Monday. Contact: 732-4811 or womansclubofsaaol. Bexar County Republican Women, the first women's political club to form in Texas, third in the nation, celebrates its 92nd anniversar
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    chedule are school district and city bond elections planned for May 12. By law, a statewide primary cannot be held at the same time. The San Antonio City Council is set to schedule a May 12 vote this week for its $596 million bond election.The uncertainty affects each race differently. Most politicians have a good idea of where they'll run, but boundaries for some of the most contentious districts remain up in the air.Political jockeyingUnder the Voting Rights Act, either the U.S. Justice Department or a federal court in Washington must agree that Texas redistricting plans after every dienniel census don't disenfranchise minority voters, a process known as preclearance.Rather than going to the Justice Department, which had been standard practice, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott took the fight to federal court, entering largely uncharted legal territory.鈥淚t's very unusual for a state to just sue锟絝or preclearance, said Michael Li, an elections lawyer in Dallas who has covered the legal saga extens
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    Remember La Macarena and the Asereje Add this to that pile. - DAVID DORANTESLMFAO Party Rock AnthemSexy and I Know It Any song by this band, really. They have the charisma of mayonnaise. - TRACY SCOTTjoey.guerrachronTax program needs helpThe Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program needs at least 500 volunteers to register as tax preparers and site intake staff/greeters for the upcoming federal income tax filing season. VITA sites offer free tax assistance preparation to area families and individuals earning up to $55,000 at multiple sites across the city. VITA sites will operate Jan. 18 through April 17. No prior tax preparation experience is required. VITA volunteers can sign up for free online training and certification at vitasa.org or call 210-222-2975 or email volunteervitasa.org.Guadalupe opens poster contest The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center invites visual artists and graphic designers to participate in its Tejano Conjunto Festival Poster Contest.The overall winner will receive a $1,00
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    support Alamo operation and maintenance.The Land Office also can let a charitable foundation use it to raise funds for preservation.The interim expense agreement provides $10,000 per month from the Land Office to the DRT for unspecified 锟斤拷financial obligations锟斤拷 that 锟斤拷may exist锟斤拷 as a result of the transition.It requires the Daughters to use DRT funds to pay attorneys representing the group in negotiations with the Land Office. Ledgers show that $41,311.57 in Alamo funds were billed by the DRT's general counsel on May 31 and Aug. 23.State Sen. Leticia Van de Putte, who co-sponsored the Alamo bill, said the agreements will give the Land Office 锟斤拷decision-making authority锟斤拷 on Alamo preservation.锟斤拷The DRT has been very cooperative in negotiating with the GLO, and I think they're going to continue to do the best job they can as the Alamo's caretaker, with the GLO deciding how exactly they'd like to define that relationship,锟斤拷 Van de Putte said.Perry has said little publicly about the Alamo controversies,
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    did 4,000 years ago,锟斤拷 said her classmate Andrea Fernandez, also 10.In the rock-painting class, instructor Angel Johnson showed how the ancients mixed fat from deer marrow with a mineral pigment, water and an emulsifier made from yucca root to make a paint that has lasted for millennia.The lesson included both chemistry and culture, as Johnson cited what she called the most important paragraph in their pamphlet.锟斤拷The people who lived out here didn't have a lot of fat in their diet. So they sacrificed the food off their plate to make this paint. So do you think these paintings were important to them They were teaching us their way of life and their religion,锟斤拷 she said.And then, when the reddish paint was prepared, the small rock slabs were distributed and the brushes were poised, she told the dozen youngsters in smocks it was their turn.锟斤拷The Indians used pictures to show ideas. They used symbols and icons. I would like you to paint an important story.锟斤拷jmaccormackexpress-newsRainfall has all but disa
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    , a d锟斤拷clar锟斤拷 duncan. \nous avons 锟斤拷t锟斤拷 d锟斤拷us en nous-m锟斤拷mes. nous recentrer. nous reviendrons. nous jouons mieux. nous faisons toujours. \par une nuit qui aurait pu l'autre sens, avec les spurs de fuite ainsi dans le troisi锟斤拷me trimestre, il 锟斤拷tait duncan -13 jours timide de son 36e anniversaire, qui a effectu锟斤拷 them.duncan a marqu锟斤拷 huit premiers points des spurs de la seconde moiti锟斤拷, en commenant par un cavalier de redressement vintage sur marc gasol, et totalis锟斤拷 14 points dans la third.duncan termin锟斤拷 10 des 15 sur le terrain et est all锟斤拷 锟斤拷 la ligne des lancers francs 11 fois, la conversion de huit. finalement, memphis entraneur lionel hollins a 锟斤拷t锟斤拷 laiss锟斤拷 d'autre choix que de doubler l'锟斤拷ruption du him.behind duncan, en grande partie sortant de \quatre downappels, les spurs ont pris une avance de 82-74 au quatri锟斤拷me quart et n'a jamais tir锟斤拷 again
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    premi锟斤拷re de nombreuses fois: parfois, quand je parle 锟斤拷 des d锟斤拷fenseurs de l'immigration, ils souhaitent seulement je pouvais contourner le congr锟斤拷s et changer la loi moi-m锟斤拷me. mais ce n'est pas la faon dont fonctionne la d锟斤拷mocratie. ce que nous devons vraiment faire est de continuer la lutte pour passer une vraie r锟斤拷forme globale. \dans une ann锟斤拷e 锟斤拷lectorale,comment fonctionne la d锟斤拷mocratie \importe apparemment peu 锟斤拷 une saisie incombe 锟斤拷 tous les pailles qui pourrait lui donner un avantage vers la victoire dans november.set ct锟斤拷 la folie d'introduire n'importe o锟斤拷 entre 800.000 et 1,4 millions de jeunes dans un syst锟斤拷me d锟斤拷j锟斤拷 tendu de l'enseignement sup锟斤拷rieur, un militaire qui a peu d'ouvertures, et la pire situation de l'emploi pour les travailleurs de moins de 25 dans l'histoire r锟斤拷cente. et mettre de ct锟斤拷 le caract锟斤拷re d锟斤拷sagr锟斤拷able d'un mouveme
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    33 advantage.bynum, les lakers de centre de 7 pieds, avait 16 points pour aller avec un 30 meilleur r锟斤拷sultat en carri锟斤拷re rebonds et fait tout voler, mais les spurs de money.gasol de lait, un camarade 7-footer, a ajout锟斤拷 un 21 points, 11 rebonds ligne qui palit 锟斤拷 ct锟斤拷 de champ day.the lakers bynum (37-22) a limit锟斤拷 les spurs (40-16) 锟斤拷 un rebond offensif - sur un parker putback tony avec 7:33 锟斤拷 faire au troisi锟斤拷me trimestre qui a 锟斤拷t锟斤拷 le tout deuxi锟斤拷me et dernier champ propri锟斤拷t锟斤拷 du verre-star point de garde d 'goal.la a 锟斤拷t锟斤拷 doublement pr锟斤拷occupant, compte tenu des grizzlies pr锟斤拷cit锟斤拷es sont dirig锟斤拷s vers la ville ce soir dans l'espoir de remettre les spurs leur premier de trois d锟斤拷faites de rang. \ils ont eu beaucoup plus les gars jouent mieux que nous , a d锟斤拷clar锟斤拷 tim duncan, qui a eu 14 points mais seulement deux rebonds. \pas de simplifier trop, mais c
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    s miroirs de salle de bain,: 锟斤拷teindre les lumi锟斤拷res pour v锟斤拷rifier smudges.5 mettre les choses l锟斤拷 o锟斤拷 ils appartiennent avant de commencer le nettoyage, vous n'avez donc pas besoin d'arr锟斤拷ter de prendre quelque chose 锟斤拷 autre room.6 faire participer les enfants. les petits enfants aiment 锟斤拷 balayer le sol et aider 锟斤拷 mettre blanchisserie away.7 mettre le travail en perspective en le brisant en morceaux maniables. par exemple, commencez avec le salon, la salle 锟斤拷 manger et la cuisine, et puis prendre une pause. passer aux chambres 锟斤拷 coucher et puis prendre une pause. en finir avec les salles de bains, puis prendre un nap.8 pour des taches difficiles, appliquer des solutions de nettoyage et de leur permettre de p锟斤拷n锟斤拷trer pendant quelques minutes avant d'essuyer ou de rincer. toujours lire les instructions sur le produit et les risques avant d'appliquer eux9 conserve

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    con le posizioni restanti da entrambi i gruppi di apertura entro il 2016. ci sono attualmente due sedi donuts dunkin 'a 9800 airport boulevard, terminal 1, suite 174, e 7000 w. militare drive.closed per redesignla madeleine country café francese a 4820 broadway è temporaneamente chiusa per lavori di ristrutturazione di design. si riaprirà giovedi. ci sono altri la madeleine paese caffè francese a 11745 w. i-10, 18030 us 281 n. e caffè italiano 722 nw loop 410.closedde di stefano, 6825 san pedro avenue., ha closed.ez soda per di inutilizzato fiesta ticketsez brick oven \u0026 , grill è accettare inutilizzati fiesta biglietti bevande (da un evento uffic
    giovanili estivi di contatto: 978. . -8100 o samuseum.org.mcnay art museum, 6000 n. new braunfels ave, ospita le mostre: \di rouault 'miserere': preghiere stampati\. al 29 luglio; \un secolo di collageattraverso 2 set summer jazz e pranzo spettacoli si terranno 12:30-15:00 29 luglio (giovanni magaldi \u0026 jazz orchestra primetime) e 26 agosto (joan carroll e footprints). alimenti da earl abel sarà disponibile per l'acquisto a ogni concerto. mcnay offre la connessione .. ammissione a tutto il personale attivo il servizio militare e le loro famiglie attraverso la festa del lavoro contatto: 824-5368 o mcnayart.org witte museum, 3801 broadway, ospita l
    54:081853 jeffrey koch, 48 ... 1:54:091854 jose luis trevino, 36 ... 1:54:091856 eduardo delacruz, 34 ... 1:54:091857 tommy van, 34 ... 1:54:091858 staples choice, 35 ... 1:54:101859 zasha romero, 39 ... 1:54:101860 michael o'neill, 33 ... 1:54:101862 james alder, 55 ... 1:54:111863 saleem assaf, 45 ... 1:54:111864 sam house, 45 ... 1:54:111865 marcos quintanilla, 34 ... 1:54:121866 michael swickrath, 31 ... 1:54:121867 john stoker, 29 ... 1:54:121868 randall bristol, 44 ... 1:54:121876 russell reyes, 34 ... 1:54:141877 j. hernandez hernandez, 40 ... 1:54:161879 john hudson, 38 ... 1:54:171882 john bailey, 24 ... 1:54:171886 ulisse wright, 35 ... 1:54:191889
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    sa. da lì in messico, ci sono circa 4 milioni di persone.鈥 淭 ha luogo solo loro possono raggiungere e da in un solo giorno è utsa o texas. stiamo cercando di fare utsa, squadra di calcio del sud del texas '. siamo conveniente. siamo raggiungibili. sentiamo la cultura di san antonio corrisponde con south texas. 鈥 pat turner è un san antonio-based scrittore freelance.fridaysan antonio farmers market associazione offre, prodotti locali freschi e altri prodotti 08:00-13:00 venerdì alle 11121 wurzbach road. visita sanantoniofarmersmarket.org. rotary club di boerne, nella riunione pranzo di mezzogiorno a ye kendall inn, 128 w. blanco in boerne, sarà carat
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    ani possono indossare le loro uniformi militari. chiamare 210-617-5107 per ulteriori informazioni. fiesta ol 茅 style show e pranzo offre musica e modelli che mostra le ultime collezioni fiesta 10:30-14:00 sabato alle oak hills country club, 5403 fredericksburg road. l'evento è sponsorizzato dalla pan american league, un'organizzazione no-profit che di aiuti san antonio meno privileged.tickets: $ 40. chiamare 210-696-3565 o 210-349-7821 per le prenotazioni. famiglia funday domenica si terrà 1-5 pm domenica, ospitato dal clark high school di banda booster club, nel campus clark, 5150 dezavala road. dotato di quello che le chiamate di club 鈥 淔 più breve 鈥
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    si offre ricette custode di brodo di pollo, maionese, barbecue salsa, biscotti paese e tecniche di cottura \la food52 cookbook: 140 ricette vincitrici eccezionali casa cuochi.da amanda hesser e merrill stubbs (william morrow, $ 35, 440 pagine) il libro: chiedete alla maggior parte cuochi dove hanno preso una ricetta preferita, e è più probabile che lo hanno ottenuto da un amico che è un cuoco di casa talento che da un libro o una rivista. best-seller autore amanda hesser e food writer merrill stubbs hanno preso questa idea un passo coraggioso in avanti. il loro libro è pieno di ricette raccolte sul loro sito web food52, dove cuochi di casa hanno gare
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    quadre avevano met.the lady chargers sono state programmate per giocare schertz clemens nella partita bi-zona classe 4a all'inizio di questa week.the due squadre hanno giocato l'altro nel mese di dicembre, con champion crociera fino ad un facile 60-20 victory.boerne champion nuotatori bryce kramer e lexi farmer si sfideranno alla classe 4a, uil stato nuoto e le immersioni si incontrano dopo la cattura medaglie d'oro alla regione vii gara di nuoto a josh davis natatorium a san antonio. kramer legato lake travis nuotatore jason pasqua per il primo posto in farfalla 100 yard degli uomini. farmer, una matricola, ha vinto rana 100 yard delle donne e ha stabilito
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    è stata la più grande nella storia della scuola. classe di suo figlio contava 24. suo nipote sarà più grande. \la nostra città è in piena espansione,intervenne quarta elementare cotton harris, 10, sorridendo ai camion che passano. \hai appena li senti ruggire da.la ricerca di petrolio e gas in l'aquila ford shale ha preso il ritmo di decine di ex tranquille comunità rurali in un ampio arco attorno a san antonio. ma da nessuna parte è l'impatto sulle scuole superiori qui, in uno dei distretti scolastici meno popolate nel suo percorso. \quello che è venuto in - dovrà essere un bus più grande l'anno prossimo,mcmullen county independent s
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    ed and lottery-bound Golden State team that started four rookies, Ginobili and the Spurs predictably ran roughshod, opening their second back-to-back-to-back of the season with a 120-99 victory.Ginobili had 12 points in 15 minutes for the Spurs, who overtook Oklahoma City for first place in the Western Conference. The gulf between the Spurs and Warriors, both in record and motivation, was apparent almost before tipoff. Ginobili summed it up this way: 锟斤拷They have nothing to lose,锟斤拷 Ginobili said. 锟斤拷We do.锟斤拷While the Spurs (43-16) have been busy piling up victories 锟斤拷 Monday's was their 14th in 16 games 锟斤拷 the Warriors have been piling up lottery balls.Golden State played without five rotation players, including former Spurs forward Richard Jefferson, who missed his second consecutive game with a sore right knee.The Warriors (22-38) started four first-year players 锟斤拷 Klay Thompson, Jeremy Tyler, Charles Jenkins and Mickell Gladness. It marked the first time a team had used four rookies in its starting fi
    sic, this is the place to go,锟絪aid Miculka, the district's director of fine arts. 鈥淚'm 59 years old and I started playing trumpet when I was in first grade. And my teachers were buying music 锟絘nd I bought my method books 锟絘t Southern Music.锟?p>The family of Gurwitz's wife, Ruth Jean Scharlack, founded Southern Music as a single showcase of musical items in the rear of Southern Jewelry Co. on Houston Street in 1937.Gurwitz, a Laredo native, recalled buying his first clarinet at Southern Music. Gurwitz later graduated from Texas A&amp;M with a civil engineering degree and went to work for H.B. Zachary Co. But three years later in 1951, the same year he married, he joined Southern Music.鈥淭hey had no one to put in the business,锟紾urwitz said. He added he had no regrets joining Southern Music.Gurwitz said a friend asked him why he didn't get his son, Jonathan, to come back to the business. Jonathan Gurwitz left the company in 2004 to become a San Antonio Express-News editorial page writer.鈥淚
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    for a $1.2 billion hospital to be built over seven years; counterproposals from the Senate and House cut the request by up to one-third. A smaller sum just to get the project under way is in the current budget. Legislators say they remain open-minded about whether the final cost should be higher 锟斤拷 but they say they cannot make a final decision because the Pentagon has not provided adequate information and analysis for Congress to vote on a price. In a blistering critique of the Pentagon's initial plan, the Government Accountability Office, the auditing and investigative arm of Congress, rejected proposals from Dr. Jonathan Woodson, the assistant secretary of defense for health affairs because he had failed to demonstrate how the Pentagon had come up with a $1.2 billion price tag for the hospital. Pentagon officials told Congress that the replacement hospital 锟斤拷is being sized for peacetime operations, not for contingency operations,锟斤拷 according to the GAO study. But the GAO also said that Defense Depa
    ular assist device (LVAD) enabled Amber to stay alive for 48 days while surgeons and her family awaited the donor heart, which came from a young organ donor. The Methodist Heart Hospital team is the most experienced in the region with cardiac assist device implantations, having performed more than 130 implantations to date. Amber is one of the youngest patients in the world to be bridged to transplant in this manner.Dr. Pal implanted the pump Feb. 15, after which Amber's condition stabilized. She was discharged from the hospital two weeks later. She handled the pump like a trooper 锟斤拷 not a small task considering the device is implanted in the abdomen and is connected by a cable to an external monitor and power pack. 锟斤拷There aren't very many people this age who have had this pump,锟斤拷 Dr. Pal said. 锟斤拷We were concerned about children being able to manage these things, especially the emotional component of having a battery connected to the body. But she did a fabulous job. She is definitely one of the young
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    ber dem optionalen 3,5-liter-ecoboost-motor mit turbolader für 2013. es kurbeln aus satte 365 ps und 350 fu-pfund drehmoment, das auf unserem test-fahrzeug machte diese so etwas wie eine rakete. kilometerstand bewertungen für dieses motors sind 16 city/23 autobahn entweder mit front-oder allrad-drive.both motoren sind mit einem sechsgang-automatikgetriebe, das hat auch eine manuelle-shift-funktion für diejenigen, die ihre eigenen gnge dergleichen verbunden. es gibt keine kupplung zu kü
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    rick trevi o sagte, die menschen wurden von jedem wort hngen. er spielte 30 minuten lnger, weil er genoss selbst so viel. die best damn nachos in texas \die bühne der nacho opry ist zu ehren von cora unterschrift gericht, lange als spitznamen\. \sie mit speziellen dünnen tortillas, die in scheiben geschnitten gemacht sind , gebraten in der küche und individuell von hand.cora 's ist stolz auf was alles von grund auf gekrnt, und das restaurant selbst reflektiert diesen charakter. es
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    iche antwort jernstedt über das, was so falsch gegangen teams usa.the amerikaner gaben einfach nicht kümmern enough.a jahrzehnt spter, kümmert usa basketball viel, und so haben die 20 spieler gab am montag bekannt, die als finalisten für die 2012 us olympic team.included unter ihnen ist kobe bryant, dessen einsamer auftritt auf der us-olympia-team half es wieder oben auf dem stand medaille in peking in 2008.it 's ohne slam dunk bryant wird wie ein sprung gleich wieder in olympic traini
    itionierung issues.bucks 105, 97 hitze umzugehen: in milwaukee, erzielte brandon jennings 31 punkte, darunter drei 3-zeiger in einem kritischen abschnitt des vierten quartals und die bucks verdient ihren zweiten sieg über miami dies season.lebron james erzielte eine saison-high 40 punkte, darunter ein highlight-reel windmühle dunk am ende des seinen riesigen ersten quartal. james hatte 24 punkte im ersten viertel, die meisten punkte ein spieler in einem viertel in dieser saison erzielt ha
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    utation he had coming out of Penn State. But in looking at what he's done here, he does take a very active role in what we're doing intangibly right now.锟斤拷The Cowboys finished 8-8 and missed the playoffs last season in large part because the defense couldn't protect leads. Dallas lost three games in which it enjoyed fourth-quarter cushions of 12 or more points, a first in the NFL.Lee is determined to make sure it never happens again.锟斤拷We had a lot of issues last year in the fourth quarter,锟斤拷 he said. 锟斤拷At certain times, we played very well. But consistency was not very good. That is the key for us: Play with more consistency and make plays in the fourth quarter, especially in the last two minutes.锟斤拷That is going to take a lot of work, a lot of fundamental work, a lot of learning the defense.锟斤拷Lee assures he will be there every step of the way to prod his teammates along.torsbornexpress-newsEdward Soriano, 26, embodies both the problem and the solution.There came a time soon after high school graduation
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    ricanes (11-3, 1-0) stormed to a decisive 80-52 non-district victory over the Mustangs last Thursday with a balanced attack. Terrance Washington led the way with 21 points.Pick up a big red-and-green-striped kaleidoscope and give it a twirl.There's Ken Slavin, singing 锟斤拷White Christmas锟斤拷 in his warm voice, as close to Bing Crosby as you could want, to a packed Boardwalk Bistro, back on Dec. 10.Another twirl and you're eating enchiladas verdes at Taco Taco Caf锟斤拷. A guy walks up to the glass front door and instead of coming in, he pulls out a brush and paints 锟斤拷Merry Christmas锟斤拷 on it in calligraphy so perfect it looks computer-generated. You turn away to butter a tortilla and in the time that takes, the door has two red poinsettias with a third one on the way. Darker hues add dimension, all in a brushstroke. You fork in more enchilada, take a sip of tea, and the scene is now flecked with snowflakes, appearing faster than nature can drop them.Who is this guy What's his story His name is
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    t over.锟斤拷Going by their body language: Starting over begins in training camp next fall.The Spurs haven't been in a series like this, curiously, since the 2007 Finals against Cleveland. They won the first two against Phoenix in the first round the next year, but that series started nothing like this one. Then, the Spurs needed double overtime and a Tim Duncan 3-pointer.The Spurs might lose a game in Salt Lake City. And if they don't, a sweep won't guarantee a thing. The Spurs swept Memphis in 2004, after all, and didn't make the conference finals.Still, the postseason is a grind. Being able to lessen that means something.Avoiding a dangerous opponent means more. So while the Thunder play the Mavericks tonight in Dallas, the Spurs are flying in the other direction.Someone needs to edit the banner to say that.bharveyexpress-newsTwitter: Buck_SADanny Green snatched a rebound late in the first half Wednesday.Then, he got excited. And went deep.Looking to hit a streaking Tony Parker on a fly pattern, Green m
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    nd.while había un montón de música y directores de medios de la casa, que estaban arriba y fuera de cámara. la mayor parte de la gente llenando el suelo delante del escenario y las bandas a su alrededor, lo suficientemente cerca como para tocar a los músicos, se compone de los fans ansiosos. \ustedes son parte de esto\, dijo el gerente general de mtv tr3s jose tillán ellos. \su voz es como uno de los instrumentos. queremos que se sienta el calor de usted. \ellos estaban felices de traer el calor. hermanas jessica y andrea sánchez, ganador de entradas a través de una promoción en línea, habían conducido a cuatro horas de port st. lucie, florida, para el espectáculo, y se conducía de regre
    diar con la rivalidad entre hermanos y ahorrar para un home.in una clase reciente fueron hector carmona jr., de 31 aos, y nicole juarez, 23 aos, quien tiene un nio y dos nias, todos menores de 5 aos. carmona trabaja de noche y juárez durante la day.both dijo que creció sintiendo la ausencia de un padre y nunca me sentí como la escuela o la universidad fue para ellos. \eso ha cambiado para mí y será para nuestros hijos\, dijo carmona, un espectáculo poco común como padre de las madres sobre todo en la clase. \las clases han ayudado a darme cuenta de cómo ser una persona más paciente y quiere ser no sólo un mejor padre, pero un hombre mejor.fvara-ortaexpress-newstwitter: fvaraortaciuda
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    ase of her debut album, 锟斤拷Empire of Emptiness.锟斤拷 While Smith, 17, plays a plenty of western swing and country at her live shows around the state, the CD is a collection of folk/rock she wrote along with a cover of Wilco's 锟斤拷I Am Trying to Break Your Heart.锟斤拷King William Jazz Collective at the San Antonio Museum of Art (1 p.m.). KRTU, Trinity University's jazz-driven radio station, continues its Year of Jazz celebration with the King William Jazz Collective at the near-downtown art museum. KWJC is an all-star big band with a big book that features cool arrangements played very well.TUESDAYNajee at Shriners Ballroom. Smooth jazz and R&amp;B multi-instrumentalist arrives with his band for groovy fireworks all his own next week. Najee (born Jerome Najee Rasheed) plays tenor, soprano and alto saxophone, as well as flute. The Grammy-nominated, New York-raised musician has collaborated with Prince, Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, Will Downing and Herbie Hancock. His latest is the lush 锟斤拷The Smooth Si
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    f controlling.Authorities contend Cardenas Vela, 38 锟斤拷 also known as Rolex or Commandante 900 锟斤拷 and other top-level cartel bosses managed cocaine and marijuana distribution cells throughout the United States, including in Houston, Brownsville and McAllen.They also say Cardenas Vela bribed members of Mexican law enforcement in exchange for information and protection.锟斤拷Agents have made it a top priority to bring stability and security to this border region,锟斤拷 said Jerry Robinette, agent in charge of investigations for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. 锟斤拷Holding those responsible and accountable for these crimes is the first step.锟斤拷The tall, long-haired Cardenas Vela is described as quickly dashing up the ranks of the cartel on the heels of his uncle Osiel Cardenas, the cartel's infamous leader. Osiel Cardenas was extradited to Houston, where under heavy security he pleaded guilty last year and agreed to tell authorities all he knew in exchange for leniency.He's due to be released in 14 years.Friday's
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    a Girls' Night Out 6-9 p.m. at The Village at Stone Oak retail center (near Wells Fargo), 22610 U.S. 281 North. This includes a 锟斤拷You, Me, We锟斤拷 fashion show featuring cancer survivors, flu shots and free health screenings, live and silent auctions, free food and more. Call: 297-7005.Green Spaces Alliance holds its fall gala fundraiser at a private King William residence situated on the San Antonio River. Guests will enjoy dinner by Don Strange of Texas and a range of beverages provided by Tito's Handmade Vodka and Bud Light among others. Local DJ Justin Boyd and South Texas rock group Infidels will entertain and guests will have the opportunity to bid on original, commissioned artwork by Ethel Shipton, jewelry and other prizes. Cost: $150 for individual tickets. Visit: greensatx.org.FRIDAYSan Pedro Playhouse, 800 W. Ashby, hosts performances of the musical comedy 锟斤拷Xanadu锟斤拷 at 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays and 2:30 p.m. Sundays through Oct. 23. The play is adapted from the 1980 disco-driven film about a muse sent to Venice Beach to inspire an artist to gre
    formers or musicians interested in participating should apply by March 31, 2011. Visit: sanantonioschoolfortheperformingarts. San Antonio Astronomical Association offers First Friday free night-sky viewings through members' telescopes in the San Antonio College Scobee Planetarium parking lot. Astronomy in the Park night-sky viewings for the public start at sunset each Wednesday. SAAA meets at 6:30 p.m. each second Friday at Christ Lutheran Church, 6720 Broadway. Visit: sananantonioastronomy.org.Geeks Who Drink presents trivia games 锟紺 8 p.m. Tuesdays at The Lion and Rose, 700 E. Sonterra Blvd., and at 5148 Broadway; Wednesday nights at The Tap Exchange, Bulverde and Evans roads. Prizes and free pints are up for grabs. Visit: geekswhodrink.Through Dec. 21, C.D. Clark and Co. Gold Buyers, an upscale jewelry buyback store at North Star Mall, will donate 5 percent of the value of all gold and silver it buys to the San Antonio Food Bank. Company officials hope to raise more than $25,000 across their five locations in Texas, with all that being donated to local
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    he general fund account beginning 锟紽iscal Year Ending (FYE) 2011.?The city started the two services just this year.锟絎e have dummy line items for these items now, so that we can know how much to budget for them next year, so that the funds aren't pulled out of the fire department, but out of EMS,?Schroder said. 锟絎hen it comes to EMS, this year, we only budgeted for a medical director and $5,000 for supplies.?/p>Craig Manifold is EMS medical director.If last week's tweak of cold, snowy weather stimulated the inner snow-angel in you, then you need to 锟絪ave the date?Saturday to attend the second annual Universal City Snow Fest.Last year, more than 2,500 turned out for the inaugural event, taking in the snow slide, snow play area, hay ride and food and drinks that made the event a huge success.Deborah Maples, the city's event coordinator, said this year's event has expanded, in time and in offering.锟絎e've added a carnival this year, and we're getting started an hour earlier, and staying an hour later,?Maples said.The Snow Fest and Carnival is being held on ball
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    f the buildings at the complex, and city officials told the apartment owner to board it up and secure it.A city inspection team took a hard look at the fire-damaged building 锟斤拷 but only that building. At the time, they didn't realize other structures at the complex 锟斤拷 including the building where Sambrano was fatally injured 锟斤拷 were managed by the same company.That's because the Oaks on Bandera has three different addresses.Even if the city had realized there was a connection, Deputy City Attorney Joe Ni?o said it's unclear whether inspectors would have been able to sharply scrutinize the other buildings.He said the city's inspection team had been responding to serious complaints about a single, fire-damaged structure. While there had been past complaints about other buildings in the complex, they had been for relatively minor for things such as broken windows or trash.锟斤拷There were no (serious) complaints on those other buildings,锟斤拷 Ni?o said.City Councilman Justin Rodriguez, whose district includes the Oaks on Bandera, said he doesn't know if the city co
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    prevention and early intervention (PEI) programs 锟斤拷 which target youths at risk of dropping out, getting pregnant, entering the juvenile justice system or succumbing to other social ills 锟斤拷 question the wisdom of reducing their funding.锟斤拷I understand legislators have to balance the budget, but cutting prevention programs means you锟斤拷re just going to pay more on down the road,锟斤拷 said Denise Barkhurst, president and CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Texas, which relies on $700,000 a year in state funding.锟斤拷The average cost to create and sustain a mentoring relationship (between an adult and child) is $1,000 a year,锟斤拷 she said. 锟斤拷The average cost to keep a child in a juvenile detention center a year is around $40,000. We锟斤拷re a bargain.锟斤拷Barkhurst said the loss of state money won锟斤拷t kill her program 锟斤拷 it has other funding sources 锟斤拷 but the agency锟斤拷s mentor recruitment efforts will take a big hit, which would translate into longer waiting lists, she said. Children in Bexar County already can wait up to two years to be matched with a mentor.This is disap
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