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Creates SQL backups for your project

dmSqlBackupPlugin allows to create SQL backups for your project.
It provides the sql_backup service, and a dm:sql-backup task.
Fully configurable and extensible with new database adapters.
Currently, only a Mysql adapter is available.


  • In a console, from your project root dir, run:
git clone git://github.com/ornicar/dmSqlBackupPlugin.git plugins/dmSqlBackupPlugin  
  • In config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php, add dmSqlBackupPlugin to the list of enabled plugins:
class ProjectConfiguration extends dmProjectConfiguration
  public function setup()  
      // your enabled plugins  
  • In a console, from your project root dir, run:
php symfony dm:setup  


Command line

php symfony dm:sql-backup  

Plan a cron task

For example to run this task all days:

@daily www-data /usr/bin/php5 /home/my-project/symfony dm:sql-backup  


$sqlBackup = $this->getService('sql_backup');

$connection must be an instance of Doctrine_Connection.


Use the service container configuration file to change sql_backup parameters. It allows to configure the service, add new adapters and override the service class.

  sql_backup.class:       dmSqlBackup  
    mysql:                dmSqlBackupAdapterMysql  
    dir:                  SF_ROOT_DIR/data/dm/backup/sql  
    file_format:          %%db_name%%-%%year%%_%%month%%_%%day%%_%%time%%.sql  
  • Loban Amaan RahmanMarch 11, 2010 4:30 AM

    I've got a couple of suggestions that would make this plugin perfect:

    (1) Add a dm:sql-restore task. I guess it can take which backup to use as an argument.

    (2) Add a menu item + UI in the admin panel to take, list, and restore backups.

    Love the work you've done Thibault D!

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  • GarsFebruary 20, 2013 7:55 AM

    Fatal error: Class 'dmContextTask' not found in C:\dev\serveranime\system\plugin
    s\dmSqlBackupPlugin\lib\task\dmSqlBackupTask.class.php on line 3

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