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The date, time and datetime picker for DIEM

Adds the jQuery javascript UI wrapper for the Symfony date, time and datetime form widgets


  • In a console, from your project root dir, run:
git clone git://github.com/TheCelavi/dmDateTimePickerPlugin.git plugins/dmDateTimePickerPlugin  
  • In config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php, add dmDateTimePickerPlugin to the list of enabled plugins:
class ProjectConfiguration extends dmProjectConfiguration
  public function setup()  
      // your enabled plugins  
  • In a console, from your project root dir, run:
php symfony dm:setup  

See @github - this can be used only with new DIEM, dev version from github 5.1.4 - it uses fix for getStylesheet method.

It can be used for Admin, Front and Front Widget forms as well!

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    dmDateTimePickerPlugin, created on December 18, 2010 by TheCelavi, used by 261 projects

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