Diem plugins syndication


Html5Boilerplate recommandation for Diem

The plugin use the recommandation from Html5Boilerplate by modifying the .htaccess file, adding the assets (CSS & JS), and changing the layout.
Compatible with [Diem 5.1] (not tested for other versions).


  • In a console, from your project root dir, run:
git clone git://github.com/sv1l/dmBoilerplatePlugin.git plugins/dmBoilerplatePlugin  
  • In config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php, add dmBoilerplatePlugin to the list of enabled plugins:
class ProjectConfiguration extends dmProjectConfiguration
  public function setup()  
      // your enabled plugins  
  • In a console, from your project root dir, run:
php symfony dm:setup  

The plugin use the recommandation from Html5Boilerplate by modifying the .htaccess file, adding the assets (CSS & JS), and changing the layout.
Compatible with [Diem 5.1] (not tested for other versions).

Change the front layout

Set the front layout helper class service to dmBoilerplatePluginFrontLayoutHelper

This can be done in the front/config/dm/services.yml

# front/config/dm/services.yml  

  layout_helper.class:    dmBoilerplatePluginFrontLayoutHelper  

Or in the front layout template front/modules/dmFront/templates/layout.php

// @var dmBoilerplatePluginFrontLayoutHelper  
$helper = $sf_context->get('layout_helper',  

// ... default template code  

Confiure the plugin

The plugin configuration can be set in the ProjectConfiguration class via a configureBoilerplate user method.
It can also be configured in the front/config/app.yml configuration file, or via a connection to the dm_boilerplate.configuration event.
The description on how to achieve that is described below with the plugin default configuration.

The plugin configuration instance is passed in as its argument, or can be retrieved through the getPluginConfiguration method

public function configureBoilerplate(  
  dmBoilerplatePluginConfiguration $config)  
    // The plugin instance can also be retrieved as follow  
    //$config = $this->getPluginConfiguration('dmBoilerplatePlugin');  

    // Configure dmBoilerplatePlugin, default values  

Configure via the front/config/app.yml file

# front/config/app.yml, default values  
  htaccess.modify: true  
    htaccess.backup: "-boilerplate-backup"  

Configuration via dm_boilerplate.configuration event, for example in the ProjectConfiguration.
Event parameters: array('configuration' => dmBoilerplatePluginConfiguration instance)

// config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php, default values  
public function setup()  
  // Connect to `dm_boilerplate.configuration`  
  // to configure the plugin later  
    array($this, 'listenToBoilerplateConfiguration'));  

  // ... previous code  


 *  Configure `dmBoilerplatePlugin` via a event listenner  
 *  @param  sfEvent $event  The event `configuration` holds the plugin  
public function listenToBoilerplateConfiguration(sfEvent $event)  
  $config = $event['configuration'];  

  $config->setHtaccessModify(true); // default  
  $config->setHtaccessBackup('-boilerplate-backup'); // default  
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