Typical Problems and how to solve them

If you don't find the solution here, try getting help on google group, or #diem IRC channel on freenode.

How to solve 50% of the problems
Many times, when something goes wrong, running the command

$ php symfony dm:setup  

will solve it, or at least help to diagnostic the problem


How to solve 40% of the problems
While Diem and symfony 1.4 are not stable,
check you have the very last version of Diem from svn :

$ svn co  diem-5.0.0_DEV  

...and the very last version of symfony :

$ svn co symfony-1.4  

Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted

Diem front pages require less than 16Mb. But sometime, when an administrator performs modifications, Diem needs more memory. Page synchronization, search index repopulation and image resizing may require 48Mo.

Solution: Edit the setting memory_limit in the php.ini file. The more, the better.

Front modules / templates are not generated

Folder permissions are probably too restrictive, and Diem is not allowed to generate the files.

Solution: run the following command :

$ php symfony dm:permissions  

If some tests fail, change matching folders permissions with

$ chmod -R 777 my_folder  

Then, if the front, click the "Update project" button.
If front templates are still missing, run

$ php symfony dmFront:generate  

and you should see a diagnostic of the problem.

The doctrine migration fails

Diem does not interfere with doctrine migrations.
Solution : See the symfony documentation and the doctrine documentation about migrations.

The Drag&Drop doesn't work on the front

As for now, we have to admit this feature is not very usable. But it works :

Solution : First, display the page structure by clicking on the magnifier icon on the lower toolbar. The reload the page (F5). It should be easier now to drag and drop widget into zones.

It works badly with Safari and Internet exploder

Yes indeed. Improve browser support is one of the priorities.
Solution : use Firefox

Does Diem support other dbms as Postgresql ?

Not yet. Currently, only mysql is supported. Postgresql support is planned for the 5.1 version.

Does Diem support other web server as NGINX ?

Not yet, but it may be included in 5.0 release.

Why does not Diem xxxxxxxx ?

You can decide what Diem will become. We will focus developments on what you need.

Questions and Feedback

If you need support or have a technical question, you can

  • Post to the google group
  • Come and chat on the #diem IRC channel on freenode