Install a new project with a command line interface

As a full stack CMF/CMS, Diem is designed to be used from the beginning of your project.
You should create the project with Diem, instead of plugging Diem into an existing project.

Download Diem

Get the latest package or grab the SVN trunk on the download page.
Diem embeds symfony, and will live outside of your project.

Create the project

Let's assume that you have extracted Diem into /path/to/diem.

We can now create the project directory:

mkdir myProject  
cd myProject  

and launch the symfony command line installer. Don't forget to replace /path/to/diem by the correct value.

php /path/to/diem/install  

Configure the project

Server check

The installer will check that your server matches the requirements.
Please note that the PHP CLI can use a different php.ini file than the one used with your web server.
You will be able to run the server check from your browser, after the installation is complete :

Configuration questions

You will be given the possibility to configure the project through some simple questions.

Main language

The language is a two chars identifier like "en", "fr", "es".
If your project uses more than one language, enter the first, most important one. Defaults to "en".

Web directory name

Project web path, relative to the project root dir. This is the directory where the CSS and JS files live. Its content is public and accessible from Internet.
It is generally "web", "html" or "public_html".
If you don't know, choose "web". You will be able to change it later.

Database Management

You can choose between MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite.

Database host

The hostname of the database. It's generally localhost.

Database name

By default, the project name will be used. Note that the database name can not contain a "-".

Database password

The password to read and write the database. It will be used as the default website admin password.

Database creation
If the database user you provided has sufficient permissions to create the database, Diem will do it for you.
On the other case, you will have to create manually the empty database.

Login to administration

When the installer complete, your project is ready for web access.

Two applications have been created:

  • front is the public interface of your website
  • admin is the secured backoffice

You can login right now to the admin application with the url

Your login is "admin" and your password is the database password you chose during installation.

Configure the web server
symfony provides help on how to configure your web server
The "secure way" is highly recommended even in dev environments.

If you experience problems during installation, please report them to the Diem google group

What's next ?

You may want to start the tutorial to build a first website.

Questions and Feedback

If you need support or have a technical question, you can

  • Post to the google group
  • Come and chat on the #diem IRC channel on freenode