- Photo Restoration with Photoshop
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  • In this course, professional photo restorer Janine Smith describes how to use Photoshop to restore, retouch, and enhance old or damaged photos. It covers evaluating scanned images for imperfections, using the Clone Stamp tool and other Photoshop tools, and addressing common problems and their fixes, starting with the basics (fading, spots, and paper texture) and continuing with more complex challenges (rips, adhesive tape, ink marks, mold, and more). Also included are methods for fixing exposure problems and colorcast as well as advanced techniques in photo restoration, such as replacing backgrounds and recreating missing facial features and body parts. The course includes a project that takes an image from damaged start to restored finish. - Photo Restoration with Photoshop

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Topics include:


  • Assessing the damage
  • Rebuilding color channels in a grayscale image
  • Removing small splits, specks, and spots
  • Repairing red eye
  • Reassembling torn photos
  • Removing stains
  • Fixing mold damage
  • Understanding the basics of levels and curves
  • Correcting color problems
  • Repairing and recreating backgrounds
  • Sharpening a photo
  • Comparing before and after images


Introduction 1m 33s
Welcome 48s
What you should know before watching this course 13s
Using the exercise files 32s

1. Fundamental Restoration Techniques and Tools 16m 47s

Customizing your workspace 2m 17s
Using layers 1m 58s
Assessing the damage 1m 52s
Rebuilding color channels in a grayscale image 3m 47s
Using a Black & White adjustment layer 1m 57s
Using the Clone Stamp, Healing Brush, and Patch tools 4m 56s

2. Basic Fixes 27m 30s

Fixing a faded black-and-white photo 2m 20s
Removing small splits, specks, and spots 3m 44s
Repairing red-eye 4m 58s
Reducing paper texture 4m 34s
Reducing dot patterns in printed photos 3m 51s
Fixing lens distortion 4m 19s
Straightening a crooked image 3m 44s

3. Fixing Damaged Photos 24m 16s

Fixing large rips, tears, and other damage 3m 9s
Removing long scratches 3m 24s
Fixing creases 5m 8s
Stitching large photos using Photomerge 3m 17s
Reassembling torn photos 4m 56s
Replacing missing pieces 4m 22s

4. Fixing Stains, Mold Spots, and Other Problems 27m 55s

Removing stains 3m 48s
Removing ink marks 2m 34s
Repairing adhesive tape damage on a black-and-white photo 2m 14s
Repairing adhesive tape damage on a color photo 6m 1s
Fixing mold damage 5m 20s
Reducing starburst light glare 5m 11s
Reducing eyeglass light glare 2m 47s

5. Fixing Exposure Problems 21m 32s

Understanding the basics of levels 2m 50s
Understanding the basics of curves 3m 29s
Finding the black, white, and gray points in an image 3m 28s
Adjusting color levels by channel 1m 58s
Making selective contrast adjustments 4m 48s
Adjusting image shadows and highlights 4m 59s

6. Repairing Color 18m 13s

Adjusting color with the Photo Filter adjustment 2m 23s
Correcting color casts using inverse color correction 3m 2s
Correcting color problems using the Color Balance adjustment 3m 19s
Correcting color casts using the Variations command 3m 55s
Correcting color by combining levels and curves 1m 44s
Improving color by adjusting the hue and saturation 3m 50s

7. Rebuilding and Recreating Backgrounds and Missing Pieces 33m 14s

Removing distracting elements 5m 35s
Repairing and recreating backgrounds 7m 43s
Extracting areas using masks 5m 5s
Matching colors in elements you add 4m 11s
Matching textures 4m 45s
Replacing facial features and missing body parts 5m 55s

8. Final Enhancements 29m 59s

Converting to black and white 4m 48s
Enhancing faded color 3m 30s
Smoothing a subject's skin 4m 2s
Enhancing black-and-white photos with duotone 2m 34s
Enhancing the eyes 4m 10s
Bringing out facial features with light 5m 22s
Sharpening 5m 33s

9. Start to Finish: Restoration Project 32m 32s

Assessing the damage 1m 26s
Repairing the crack 1m 52s
Replacing the missing body parts 3m 5s
Removing the specks, spots, and scratches 3m 7s
Fixing the missing corner 1m 14s
Lightening the stains 5m 22s
Restoring the faded tone in the face 3m 8s
Balancing the tone in the image 1m 58s
Evening the color with a Black & White adjustment layer 49s
Cleaning up the image 2m 24s
Adding definition to the face 2m 20s
Softening the image 58s
Sharpening the image 2m 4s
Bringing back some of the original tone 1m 34s
Comparing the image before and after 1m 11s 

 - Photo Restoration with Photoshop - Photo Restoration with Photoshop - Photo Restoration with Photoshop

14 Days Free Access to USENET
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